Friday, February 18, 2011

vintage cutout oxfords

(via AnnasVintageVault)

Last summer, my family went to Cape Cod (as we always do... can't wait!) and my brother's girlfriend showed up with the cutest shoes on her feet. While I do love my clearance Candie's, I had to admit that her cappuccino-colored floral cutout oxfords were far prettier. Turns out they were from UO (this year's version is here, but not nearly as nice). I think this week's selection of springtime-inspired shoes are perfect in so many ways--a twist on the classic oxford, with lovely-yet-useful ventilation for those sweltering summer days (someday...).

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  1. Oh, I so badly want a pair of these for spring!
    Also, my boyfriend's family goes to cape cod every summer as well, and I've been going with him the past few years! Have you ever been to Wicked Thrift? I just discovered it last year and it's got really awesome (and cheap) vintage :)

  2. I love cut out oxfords, they go with pretty much everything, nice selection

  3. Oh, oh, oh, the blue ones are perfect. *le sigh*