Friday, February 26, 2010

D&G: dreaming of denim

I first saw the denim shirt on Garance Dore.

Then Christine (My Style Pill) posted her interpretation of that very same denim shirt.

And then, as if I weren't already hooked, D&G created an entire collection (probably inspired by that darn denim shirt).

I need one of my very own. This collection has also inspired me to give aviators a second chance. I used to have a couple of pairs but when the front of my hair went fringe I thought they somehow looked a little strange perched on my nose... granted, none of the women above have bangs, but I've just got to try it. That first ensemble has been in my inspiration style file since I saw it somewhere on the interweb (not sure where I picked that tip up, sorry), and only recently did it come to my attention again (this time with D&G attached, so I knew where to look []!)

Mark my words, I will recreate this look if its the last thing I ever do!

the light of day

It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday!! You guys, I cannot wait for spring to come. It feels sort of like April around here, with all of the melting snow and muddy roads... but we're not there yet! Guess how hard it is to walk around in slushy snow with boat-shaped, broken-heeled shoes? Pretty tricky...

This outfit was sort of vaguely inspired by Anna Sui's Fall 2010 RTW collection, which I loved a little bit. I was planning to throw together a few outfits that paid homage to the pile-it-on patterns, but this getup kept crossing my mind.

(Anna Sui, Fall 2010 RTW/

The only way in which this particular outfit really resembles the collection is in the floral skirt layered over funky patterned pastel tights... so not really at all. But the idea of fashion is to inspire new ideas, not necessarily to provide fodder for copy-cat behavior... right?

Unfortunately, my exposure was way off (as usual) and you can't even tell that the skirt has a floral pattern... so here it is:

Can you believe I was a film major? The problem I had with film production (and still do) is that I'm not technically savvy and I'm not terribly interested in becoming technically savvy. I never read user manuals because... well, I don't really know why not. I like to think that I can "just figure it out," but I never really take the time to self-correct after trial and error. Plus, I'm a very hands-on learner, and if I read something I will most likely forget it unless I can put it immediately to use (which I rarely do). Maybe I'm just stubborn.

I almost had a nervous breakdown in Film Production I because our second assignment required that we use studio lighting in a short film and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make them (the lights) do what I envisioned. Also because I had to single-handedly carry approximately 500 pounds of lighting equipment from the COM building to my apartment in the freezing cold, which is not a pleasant way to kick-off any project. That film was a flop, to say the least. I remember I ended up handing it in late and I'm not sure why, but I am glad that I didn't have to screen it for the class because they had all been so impressed with my first film and I didn't want to destroy their glorified perception of me. I did not take Film Production II.

I'm just not mechanically-inclined, and I have trouble with technicalities standing between me and my vision. I don't even like computers. I can't imagine reading a book with a Kindle. I prefer screenwriting to film production because at least that way the film can look exactly like I want it to (since it is all in my mind), and I can leave the grunt work and equipment-carrying to people who can make a reality of my cinematic phantasms and maybe even love it.

(slip dress: UO; skirt: American Eagle; tights: Marshall's; booties:; headband: Ruche; necklace: antique; fur collar: H&M)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

duck duck hawk duck duck falcon

I haven't had a whole lot to say about anything lately--I am currently living in an anxiety-inspired haze, what with all of the apartment-searching, check-sending, snow-shoveling, 90210-watching nonsense knocking around inside my skull. It's okay, though, I hope. The weekend is fast approaching and although I'm too totally broke to do anything exciting, I can certainly use a break from the humdrum desk-sitting, screen-staring, key-clicking, data-entering existence that consumes me from 9-5, five days a week. And maybe I'll eat nachos. Because those have a funny way of clearing my head. It's probably the heat of the jalepenos.

(shirt: Marshall's; jumper: VintageStore123 on etsy; headband: UO; belt: thrifted; wicker bag: Montpelier Consignment shop; peacock tights: Marshall's; grey tights: Goodwill; boots: ALDO)

All of that snow we got yesterday? Yeah... the 1 ft+ of fluffy stuff has officially been reduced to 1/2 ft of wet wet water. Gross, brown, sludge-y water. All of the potholes are overflowing with the stuff... and there are a lot of potholes on wintry Vermont roads.

And while my hosiery still has a hold on your attention, you should all go check out the feature that Oringina did about me&my tights over at her blog, Fashion My Legs, where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about hosiery (but were afraid to ask)! This is the very first time I've ever been featured by anyone and it's terribly exciting, although I must say my interview skills could probably use a little work...

I'm going there right now! You should come along!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow globe

Good thing I am behind on my outfit postings, because we definitely caught up on our snow last night! We got at least a foot--probably more--and it's still coming down! Power is out all around the state and all of the schools are closed. Even K has a snow day today and I'm so so jealous. Curling up with a big thick book and a cup of hot cocoa sounds heavenly right about now.

(my morning view--and the snow is still falling!)

I certainly saw it coming on my way home last night:

The snow was up over the tops of my boots as I waded out to my car, and it took me almost ten minutes just to uncover it! On my way to work, all of the tree branches were drooping over the road in a futile attempt to hold their hands up under the weight of the heavy snow. Anyway, here's a little outfit from the start of the storm:

(hat: Goodwill; dress: Old Navy; yellow tights: HUE; black lace tights: Marshall's; peacock necklace: UO; tassel necklace: antique; shoes:

These booties are the black incarnation of my silly broken taupe shoes from

I must say, I was pretty fussy about the fact that all I got out of the taupe pair was a single photo shoot (I didn't even get to wear them in real life!), and I had sent an email to GoJane asking if they could reserve a replacement for me so that I could return them. I was very impressed when a representative of the site called me and said they would ship out a replacement post-haste--and that I didn't even have to mail back the defective duo.

I'm smiling inside :) GoJane, you are back in my good graces!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bonjour rouge!

O la la! I'm feeling kind of French today.

Mmm French Toast. I want some.

K and I may have found an apartment! At first I was kind of iffy about it (it's not exactly what our little hearts desire, but we can make it work), but last night I was so excited (and, more specifically, dreaming of ways to decorate it) that I couldn't sleep!

I think that's a good sign.

I won't say more because I don't want to jinx it.

(hat: UO: shirt: Old Navy; scarf: Anne Klein: skirt: vintage, hemmed; tights: Goodwill; boots: ALDO; gold cuff: F21)

I must say, this whole process has really made me appreciate the little hole in the wall we currently call home. It may be tiny (450 sq ft!) but we've made it as cozy as can be, and I might even miss it a little! Probably not. But maybe!

Monday, February 22, 2010

double-ruffle, toil and (shoe) trouble

Boy was it time for a new week. I don't know why, but last week seemed soo loong and I was a total space cadet (especially re: my camera, which is why the postings were few)... finding an apartment is proving more difficult than we could have imagined, but we're still on the hunt! I know it will work out :)

Now, down to business. These shoes finally came in the mail and I was so excited that I immediately crafted an outfit around them. I actually really really like this outfit (double ruffle!) and was quite proud of myself (this is what I wore on Saturday). After taking these photos I went back inside and lounged around for a while (reading Infinite Jest). K and I were planning to go see Shutter Island that evening, but we decided to go grocery shopping first... and that is when it happened. I was balancing on one foot, slowly slipping into the other shoe, and SNAP! The heel came clear off! Well, okay, not clear off--it's still dangling from the sole like a loose tooth from a sore gum--but what good does that do me?? I was flabbergasted. I guess you really do get what you pay for...

I really like them and I'm considering just buying some sort of industrial-strength adhesive to glue the #!@*! heel back on, but I might also try to exchange them for a new pair. Hassle hassle hassle hassle.

Shutter Island was not what I thought it would be. I went into the theatre fully anticipating that it would be pants-wetting scary, but it certainly wasn't. I think it was still a good movie, just not what I expected (much more "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" than anything else).

I am such a movie fiend... I love going to the movies :) Maybe because that's the only time I really allow myself to eat non-chocolate candy (nothing = happiness like a crinkly bag of Sour Patch Kids on a Saturday night). There is just something so cozy&communal about a warm dark room, a whirring projector, and happy people crunching buttery popcorn (Montpelier theaters use real butter!) while watching something never-before-seen by their eyes (or beloved enough to see again). I love it. It's peaceful... you can always count on that.

And then the credits roll, people put on their coats, and everybody files out the way they came in... and as the little community built only on this singular shared experience breaks up into twos and threes and fours you always hear the usual, "so, what did you think?" And I like that you can always count on that.

(shoes:; sweatshirt: Ruche; ruffled silk shirt: thrifted; beat-up belt: thrifted; tights: Goodwill; skirt: vintage, hemmed)

From above, these shoes look like ice skates. I kind felt like I was ice skating while tromping around in the snow... so slippery!