Monday, February 22, 2010

double-ruffle, toil and (shoe) trouble

Boy was it time for a new week. I don't know why, but last week seemed soo loong and I was a total space cadet (especially re: my camera, which is why the postings were few)... finding an apartment is proving more difficult than we could have imagined, but we're still on the hunt! I know it will work out :)

Now, down to business. These shoes finally came in the mail and I was so excited that I immediately crafted an outfit around them. I actually really really like this outfit (double ruffle!) and was quite proud of myself (this is what I wore on Saturday). After taking these photos I went back inside and lounged around for a while (reading Infinite Jest). K and I were planning to go see Shutter Island that evening, but we decided to go grocery shopping first... and that is when it happened. I was balancing on one foot, slowly slipping into the other shoe, and SNAP! The heel came clear off! Well, okay, not clear off--it's still dangling from the sole like a loose tooth from a sore gum--but what good does that do me?? I was flabbergasted. I guess you really do get what you pay for...

I really like them and I'm considering just buying some sort of industrial-strength adhesive to glue the #!@*! heel back on, but I might also try to exchange them for a new pair. Hassle hassle hassle hassle.

Shutter Island was not what I thought it would be. I went into the theatre fully anticipating that it would be pants-wetting scary, but it certainly wasn't. I think it was still a good movie, just not what I expected (much more "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" than anything else).

I am such a movie fiend... I love going to the movies :) Maybe because that's the only time I really allow myself to eat non-chocolate candy (nothing = happiness like a crinkly bag of Sour Patch Kids on a Saturday night). There is just something so cozy&communal about a warm dark room, a whirring projector, and happy people crunching buttery popcorn (Montpelier theaters use real butter!) while watching something never-before-seen by their eyes (or beloved enough to see again). I love it. It's peaceful... you can always count on that.

And then the credits roll, people put on their coats, and everybody files out the way they came in... and as the little community built only on this singular shared experience breaks up into twos and threes and fours you always hear the usual, "so, what did you think?" And I like that you can always count on that.

(shoes:; sweatshirt: Ruche; ruffled silk shirt: thrifted; beat-up belt: thrifted; tights: Goodwill; skirt: vintage, hemmed)

From above, these shoes look like ice skates. I kind felt like I was ice skating while tromping around in the snow... so slippery!


  1. Love the print on your top!
    Isn't shutter island a scary movie? I love movies as well but I just CAN'T do scary movies at all! :P

  2. Love the outfit- too bad about the shoes! I am also a compulsive movie go-er and am really looking forward to shutter island (I don't care if it got panned I love scorsese...) I like the reasons you listed about why you enjoy going to the movies- they're some of the reasons I want to be a filmmaker- the greatest thing about film and theatre is that shared experience...

  3. Love the outfit and I'm with you - I love going to the movies. I like that I can get totally lost into a good movie on the big screen in a dark theater. And although I'm not big on the movie theater popcorn, nothing says good movie experience like Sour patch Kids!

  4. That cardigan is so cute! I love the pattern and the ruffles! Yeah, I gave up cheap shoes about 5 years ago... I'll still hit up TJ Maxx and the clearance section of DSW looking for deals but only brands I know and trust. I really wished I liked going to the movies but I hate them... I like to rent them and watch them at home where I can do other things while watching them and pause them whenever!!

  5. You almost make me wish I went to the movies yesterday instead of the park!

    Love this outfit. Fantastic as per usual. I looked up the shoes after your last post on them, but didn't get them. I distrust any shoes that are really inexpensive (plus I have hard to fit feet and wouldn't buy shoes online).

    But they are so cute! Sorry about the heel! You can prob get them fixed at a shoe repair place!

  6. Your outfit is great.. especially the shoes! I can so see you pairing them up with some great floral dresses as spring approaches!

  7. you're so pretty! I love this outfit. that top is so pretty...i love florals..and the neutral colors are amazing. those boots are great! x

  8. I love your outfit. I'm sorry about your shoe! Returns/exchanges are always a hassle. :\

    I love the way you described the movies. I love when strangers come together and experience something, even if they don't realize that they are.

  9. 寫文章需要心情~~期待你再一次的好文章..............................

  10. cute, cute, cute, that cardigan is fabulous! the shoes are adorable. sad they had to go and break. You got some great style!

  11. I love this outfit so much! It's os cute and fresh, but wintery!
    I now want to have everything you are wearing :)
    I'm sorry about your shoe!

  12. I'm so sorry about the shoes! I know that feeling and it's TERRIBLE.

    I love the grey outfit though! You look adorable!