Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow globe

Good thing I am behind on my outfit postings, because we definitely caught up on our snow last night! We got at least a foot--probably more--and it's still coming down! Power is out all around the state and all of the schools are closed. Even K has a snow day today and I'm so so jealous. Curling up with a big thick book and a cup of hot cocoa sounds heavenly right about now.

(my morning view--and the snow is still falling!)

I certainly saw it coming on my way home last night:

The snow was up over the tops of my boots as I waded out to my car, and it took me almost ten minutes just to uncover it! On my way to work, all of the tree branches were drooping over the road in a futile attempt to hold their hands up under the weight of the heavy snow. Anyway, here's a little outfit from the start of the storm:

(hat: Goodwill; dress: Old Navy; yellow tights: HUE; black lace tights: Marshall's; peacock necklace: UO; tassel necklace: antique; shoes:

These booties are the black incarnation of my silly broken taupe shoes from

I must say, I was pretty fussy about the fact that all I got out of the taupe pair was a single photo shoot (I didn't even get to wear them in real life!), and I had sent an email to GoJane asking if they could reserve a replacement for me so that I could return them. I was very impressed when a representative of the site called me and said they would ship out a replacement post-haste--and that I didn't even have to mail back the defective duo.

I'm smiling inside :) GoJane, you are back in my good graces!


  1. omgsh those shoes! WANT. And i love the lacey tights over the yellow....I used to do that all the've inspired me to go back to it.

    Awesome ensemble...i could see you sitting in a Parisian cafe with a huge Cafe au Lait in one hand and a yellow Sobranie cigarette in the other :D

  2. great snowy outfit! Love that hat and the shoes! xo

  3. Awesome about the shoes! Love the tights combo! Sorry you had to go to work... Not fair when your man got to stay home!


  4. In your city has not stopped snowing this month! The truth, it gives a great atmosphere to your outfits. I love your boots and the hat is fantastic!