Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! I totally forgot that today was Mardi Gras until I heard mention of ~beads from New Orleans~ in the air. Hmm, I might need to find a way to celebrate this day, despite my absolute bottom-of-the-barrel bank account.

This little dress was ankle-length when I snatched it up at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, but I could see that it had potential (I love all of the big pockets). As per my usual alteration habits, I hemmed it up to here... I'm thinking I might also need to hem the sleeves a bit so they're more babydoll than baggygrandmother. As it is they're practically as long as the dress!

Unbelted, the dress looks a little bit grunge, and I think will probably look good paired with bare legs or sheer tights and taupe industrial lace-up booties (if I can find some within budget... a girl can dream!) for spring. It's funny, since I've been blog-stalking and paying more careful attention to trends as they come&go (instead of just buying things that I like when I happen to stumble upon them), I'm getting a real sense of just how fleeting fashions are. This fall, I was super-excited and satisfied with these ALDO boots, and now? I don't believe I can go another day without an industrial pair of lace-up buckle booties...

...and now I won't have to! While perusing the web for beauties like these (above), I was directed to GoJane.com (what a brilliant website!) and unearthed so much awesomeness, I went ahead and bought myself two pairs of the booties on the far right (above)! Yelp! They were sold out of the cognac (shown) in my size, which was rather disappointing... but these will do quite nicely :)

Wait, wait, I can justify it!

a) I've been dying for a pair of taupe shoes for so long, and the color is so versatile it will last long into the spring and summer (I've decided). I might even invest in some olive green&brown laces to swap out and mix it up a bit when I get tired of the taupe!

b) It's seriously pathetic that I don't own a pair of black shoes. And now I will!

c) They were only $25 each and because I bought two pairs I got free shipping. Come on, you know you're guilty of it!

Of course, I'm still not completely satisfied. I need a pair that cover my ankle... maybe in an olive green? I really love the Chloe bowling-style wedges (second from left), but I am not a wedge-wearer... and I certainly could never, under any circumstances, justify spending $700 on a pair of crazy-trendy shoes.

... or could I?

(dress: Goodwill; tights: HUE; scarf: vintage; bracelet: gift; boots: ALDO)


  1. Your style is awesome! I just became a follower today. I love how you work classic with a vintage feel and a little bit of grunge. (forgive the grunge lable - but I think it's fabulous and you do it so well!)
    come on my by blog sometime if you feel so inclined :)

  2. The dress is perfect, it amazing what a hemming job can do! Oh lala, nice purchase and 25$ a pair!? that is cheap; Good Find!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  3. now that i've been there, i think i can officially say that you are the most stylish gal in stowe/waterbury!! so cute.

  4. I just found your blog today through your weardrobe, and I love your style! This dress is so cute, I love when I can alter thrifted things to save them! The addition of the red tights is so sweet!

  5. wow i love your blog. how have i never seen it before? i keep finding all these amazing blogs and get so excited! love your tights. you are very pretty! x

  6. You look so cute! I know what you mean about trends. I'll get a pair of shoes one week and then the next I'll see a different style on a blog or website and feel that I NEED them. haha.

    GoJane is such an amazing site. I was looking for a nice comfy pair of flat oxfords and found some on there for $18 (plus shipping)! They are so comfy and well-made too! :)