Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mornings in our household have been really difficult this week... I'm not sure why! A brief summary of morning events: 1) my alarm goes off, I hit snooze; 2) K's alarm goes off, he hits snooze; 3) my alarm goes off, I turn it off completely; 4) K's alarm goes off, he hits snooze; 5) I rely on K's alarm to interrupt my slumber at 5-minute intervals until the absolute last minute; 6) K keeps sleeping. I have such a hard time dragging my body out of bed and slapping clothes on it that I'm almost amazed I got dressed at all! It's strange though, I've gotten so into the habit of blogging that when I don't take outfit photos my whole day feels empty... so today I decided I had to make it happen, no matter what, and I got ready and took my photos in under half an hour, which is a major feat for me.

My tights, socks and scarf were all acquired at Goodwill this weekend for a grand total of $5. This fact makes it less annoying that a) the plaid "knee socks" that I delightedly grabbed are actually tourniquet-tight and can't do much but bunch around my ankles, which is kind of okay because I still like them but also confusing because aa) there was no indication that these were for skinny-children and bb) it's not like I have calves on steroids or anything, so I'm not sure who on God's Green Earth would be able to wiggle into these circulation-constricters and b) the tights are cheap-o quality and will probably only last a couple of wears because they are just dying to snag (in fact, there was a small snag in them at the time of purchase that I chose to overlook because I have been looking everywhere for a pair of burgundy/raspberry tights and here they were right before my eyes for $2 and I just couldn't say no) but they are also quite soft and comfortable and generally lovely and sometimes when you love something you have to overlook minor flaws like durability, no? I am considerably less annoyed by life when it doesn't cost me money :)

The color in these photos is actually rather deceptive... the tights are dark & rich, rather than bright & pink.

I think part of the reason that I'm so tired is that I've been staying up *relatively* late reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest (oh and watching The Bachelor--anyone else in love with that show?), which is a 1000-page brain bender and kind of exhausting to read unless I am able to focus 100% of my attention on it (which, let's face it, isn't easy when the apartment is itty-bitty and K keeps interrupting to ask me which rifle he should buy), but is actually really amusing and masterful and keeps my attention despite the fact that I have little-to-no interest in drug addiction or tennis (although I was in the tennis club in high school for exactly one year only because there was no tennis club until my friends and I mentioned we might like to learn how to play, and I do kind of enjoy the game itself). Anyway, it's taking forever... I only have approximately 500 pages to go!

(tunic: Marshall's?; skirt: stolen from mom, hemmed; shoes: Madden Girl; scarf/socks/tights: Goodwill)


  1. i love the bachelor too girl, but it's a secret! nice outfit today.

  2. This outfit is wonderful! I'm in love with your blog.. all of your outfits are awesome and I love hearing all of your insights.. following! :)