Friday, February 26, 2010

D&G: dreaming of denim

I first saw the denim shirt on Garance Dore.

Then Christine (My Style Pill) posted her interpretation of that very same denim shirt.

And then, as if I weren't already hooked, D&G created an entire collection (probably inspired by that darn denim shirt).

I need one of my very own. This collection has also inspired me to give aviators a second chance. I used to have a couple of pairs but when the front of my hair went fringe I thought they somehow looked a little strange perched on my nose... granted, none of the women above have bangs, but I've just got to try it. That first ensemble has been in my inspiration style file since I saw it somewhere on the interweb (not sure where I picked that tip up, sorry), and only recently did it come to my attention again (this time with D&G attached, so I knew where to look []!)

Mark my words, I will recreate this look if its the last thing I ever do!


  1. I know, the denim and chambray shirts are taking over! I have a really cool vintage Levi's one but the denim is so thick... I want a nice thin breezy spring one!

  2. amazing. I need one of those too!

  3. now i've gotta hunt one of these down at the the thrift store too. that first look is so inspiring!

  4. I really need a denim shirt. I had a great denim shirt in high school, but I gave it away a few years ago. I'm in love with my denim jacket I got at goodwill. Ahh light denim from the gap circa 1990s, how could it get any better?