Friday, February 26, 2010

the light of day

It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday!! You guys, I cannot wait for spring to come. It feels sort of like April around here, with all of the melting snow and muddy roads... but we're not there yet! Guess how hard it is to walk around in slushy snow with boat-shaped, broken-heeled shoes? Pretty tricky...

This outfit was sort of vaguely inspired by Anna Sui's Fall 2010 RTW collection, which I loved a little bit. I was planning to throw together a few outfits that paid homage to the pile-it-on patterns, but this getup kept crossing my mind.

(Anna Sui, Fall 2010 RTW/

The only way in which this particular outfit really resembles the collection is in the floral skirt layered over funky patterned pastel tights... so not really at all. But the idea of fashion is to inspire new ideas, not necessarily to provide fodder for copy-cat behavior... right?

Unfortunately, my exposure was way off (as usual) and you can't even tell that the skirt has a floral pattern... so here it is:

Can you believe I was a film major? The problem I had with film production (and still do) is that I'm not technically savvy and I'm not terribly interested in becoming technically savvy. I never read user manuals because... well, I don't really know why not. I like to think that I can "just figure it out," but I never really take the time to self-correct after trial and error. Plus, I'm a very hands-on learner, and if I read something I will most likely forget it unless I can put it immediately to use (which I rarely do). Maybe I'm just stubborn.

I almost had a nervous breakdown in Film Production I because our second assignment required that we use studio lighting in a short film and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make them (the lights) do what I envisioned. Also because I had to single-handedly carry approximately 500 pounds of lighting equipment from the COM building to my apartment in the freezing cold, which is not a pleasant way to kick-off any project. That film was a flop, to say the least. I remember I ended up handing it in late and I'm not sure why, but I am glad that I didn't have to screen it for the class because they had all been so impressed with my first film and I didn't want to destroy their glorified perception of me. I did not take Film Production II.

I'm just not mechanically-inclined, and I have trouble with technicalities standing between me and my vision. I don't even like computers. I can't imagine reading a book with a Kindle. I prefer screenwriting to film production because at least that way the film can look exactly like I want it to (since it is all in my mind), and I can leave the grunt work and equipment-carrying to people who can make a reality of my cinematic phantasms and maybe even love it.

(slip dress: UO; skirt: American Eagle; tights: Marshall's; booties:; headband: Ruche; necklace: antique; fur collar: H&M)


  1. I love how you were inspired buy a designer collection, and then made it yours. Very well done!

  2. I loved reading this, you make things fun to read! I love your outfit so much..I stared at it for a good three minutes just to see all the little detail of good. You're a great copy-cat..pulled it off perfectly!

  3. I really love how you played with patterns. it's like a feminine edge ;)
    I loved your comment on your jewelry making on my blog. I'm guilty of starting one too many projects myself. I just have too many interests! I want to sew, crochet, make headbands, make graphic art, paint on ceramics, dabble in photography... the list goes on and on lol

  4. I like how you put the whole outfit together and the tights are fantastic!