Friday, February 12, 2010

nerd's the word

Today's academic-chic outfit is inspired in part by my recent exploratory research of classical anthropological texts. I'm thinking about taking a graduate course at UVM this fall, but because I've never taken any sort of anthropology class in the past I want to self-study some of the major works (Coming of Age in Samoa, Ishi's Brain, etc...) so that I am not wholly unprepared for my reintroduction into academia.

I am really rather proud of my hair today. I remember seeing creepy braid-headbands at H&M this fall and thinking they were too weird to wear but that I liked the effect... and voila! I've made a real one of my very own! It still looks kind of fake because I braided the bit of my hair with all the highlights... it makes the rest of my hair look so drab!

The only thing missing from this outfit is a quality pair of oversized nerd glasses. Since I've been sitting at a computer all day for the past year & a half I actually need optical assistance (I've had 20-20 vision for all of my young life thus far... no more), and if I have to wear 'em, I want them to look awesome:

1. Stylesightings
2. Stylesightings
3. Stylesightings
4. Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess
[her collection of nerdy, candy-colored glasses is beyond covetable]
5. google image search "nerd glasses"

I especially adore the size&shape of the PRISM London frames in the first photo (which are pretty much out of my price range, unless insurance covers them), although I think I would get them in a classic black for the sake of simplicity&wearability. Does anybody know where a nerd-person wannabe could pick up a relatively inexpensive pair of glasses like these? I want to be able to possibly swap out the lenses for prescription.

My dad would laugh if he knew what I was after... my brothers and I used to tease him mercilessly about the thick black-framed glasses he wore in high school (which he feebly claimed were "in style")--and now I want a pair! It's funny how fashions come around again to bite you in the backside...

P. Flood circa late-sixties (what a stud!)


  1. I'm such a fan of the prism frame too! I almost empty my wallet ordering a pair online but figure out that my fashion obsessions would have been out of control to do so! :)

    You look lovely in your Plaid dress and Yellow Cardigan!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  2. Alas I stare at a computer all day long and am totally hoping to keep my 20/20. My nerd glasses would be big & red though :-)

  3. I LOVE all these pictures! Your outfit is adorable and wearing nerdy glasses- and having it be fashionable- is the greatest idea since sliced bread!I'm wearing my Clark Kent glasses as I type this... Great post!