Monday, February 15, 2010

my funny valentine (dress)

Happy Valentine's Day (+1)! This is what I wore for the lovely little love day I spent with my lover :) I got the dress a couple of years ago and it has been nothing but trouble :) Just kidding, sort of. First of all, I made the mistake of washing the belt, which is now unsalvageably wrinkly (and because I don't have an iron I have to use my hair straightener to flatten it!). Secondly, the elastic snapped in the right sleeve and I had to get creative with cinching to effect the illusion of elasticity (although I must say, I was pretty proud of my MacGyver-ism). Other than that, it's cute and it has hearts on it... pretty obviously perfect for the occasion:

He made me breakfast...

...took me to a matinee of Crazy Heart at the Savoy (great movie, go see it)...

...and orchestrated a fantastically overindulgent spread of my absolute favorites (goat, gouda & cheddar cheeses and crackers; bread with garlic & olive oil for dipping and dual bottles of vino of the white&red varietals) for a relaxing evening in...

...what more could a girl want?

(dress: Filene's Basement; tights: TJMaxx; shoes: Chinese Laundry)

Thanks K, je t'aime. It really means a lot :) I think this Valentine's Day sooooort of makes up for the fact that I had to give you up for Christmas&New Years Eve.

Now all we need is a new apartment. Preferably one that looks a little something like this:

Oh, PS: In honor of love-day, I just wanted to tell all of my followers (old and new, silver&gold) that I love you! Thanks for caring about what I'm wearing!


  1. Such a cute dress! I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day! Also, I would like an apartment like that as well.