Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mardi gras, take two

Okay, so I guess today is the real Fat Tuesday. How come nobody told me that I was a nut when I announced to the world that it was Mardi Gras last week? Geez, some friends you are. That's worse than letting me walk around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe... or smile with spinach in my teeth. Anyway, I guess I was looking too far ahead on the calendar, wishing that February would end already...

(shirt: UO; skirt: vintage, hemmed; tights: HUE; socks: Goodwill; shoes: Madden Girl; scarf&belt: thrifted)

The lighting is weird in these photos, not sure why. The days are getting longer! I guess maybe I should adjust my aperture.

K and I were supposed to go look at an apartment tonight (I'm getting excited now!) but turns out heat isn't included and it's a liiiittle too small for our tastes. So that's a disappointment. But we're still looking! Instead of running all the way out to Burlington to see it, I'll be cooking homemade macaroni & cheese (mom's recipe, my favorite ever!) with some sort of side (stuffed tomatoes?) and watching hours of 90210 (yesssss).

Tomorrow I'm going to join Jazzercise! I'm actually really excited about it--I even asked my boss if I could adjust my work schedule to align with the Jazzercise schedule (is that a tad overzealous?) . When I was in college I took a cardio-kickboxing class and a step class and I loved them both (and was actually in the best shape of my life!)... that's really the only way that I get a well-rounded workout. Otherwise I just elliptical for half an hour and after I get off I'm too bored to do any toning exercises, which is the most important thing for me to do.

Anyway, happy Mardi Gras!


  1. If I knew anything about Mardi Gras, I would have told you it was the wrong day, but I'm oblivious to it too! I really love the color combo of the browns and yellows and blacks! I'm the same way with working out - I do so much better in a class, I run 3 days a week and do yoga once a week, but when I used to do classes I was in much better shape! The pressure to keep going in class makes me work harder than when I am alone and can quit whenever I am bored or tired.

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  3. So sorry about Mardi Gras! I would have told you HAD I known. I just took your word for it ;-). As for the outfit: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. So super cool. I've been trying out the neck kerchief (is that what it is?) thing too, but haven't posted any photos. I haven't quite got it to work (or would you just call it a small scarf?). Anyway, you really nailed it here! Great look!

  4. Lol - I do the same things all the time. having spent a long time in grad school, I didn't really have holidays off as I would have to go in the lab or office for something,

  5. I ADORE this tee shirt. I think the yellow tights are also quite unique!

  6. Love the color on the tights! And yeah, adjusting aperture should do the trick : )

  7. I love this outfit! And that quote you posted on my post is so true! We brave the cold, wind, snow, and more all for the sake of fashion blogging! haha.

  8. OMG, I used to LOVE Jazzercise! I used to go all the time and couldn't wait to get to a class... I didn't even know they did them a more. Wow, I wonder if Boston has any Jazzercise classes- I need to look this up ASAP!

    Very cute outfit! I love that Tee!