Friday, February 11, 2011

vintage canvas flats

When I was a kid, I had a pair of white canvas lace-ups, which I thought were totally dorky. Practicality be damned. For the past five years of my life, I have sworn by heels in varying degrees of height, but lately I've been lusting over comfy flats. The thought of climbing over rocks in stilettos no longer sounds possible, and hiking up the side of a mountain in kitten heels sounds downright dimwitted (I've done both). I've got spring on my mind, and with that: a need for pretty (and practical) warm-weather footwear. From colorful prints to classic textures, etsy has a lot to offer!


  1. are so pretty, also i sue to custtomize my victorias, with laced, or colour, so funny and owns, exclusivetely!!!

    So nice blog dear !!

  2. I´m a big fan of the classic canvas shoes, and I can´t believe you´ve been hiking in heels... I still have issues on flat surfaces. When I taught English to Japanese and Korean girls however, whenever the school organized a mountain hike, the rules would specifically state ´no heels,´ as otherwise they´d be bound to wear them!

  3. I am the other way round and have a slight fear of heels, so I'm always looking out for flats. This is a great selection. Love the madras vibe of the first pair.