Tuesday, April 26, 2011

waking life @ bow ties are cool

You guys! There's this really lovely gal I know who thinks bow ties are cool (well, because they are) and she did a little feature on me over on her blog! You can wander on over there if you'd like :) And while you're at it, get to know Meg (if you haven't already). She's A+.


  1. ah that's so cool! i'm a writer, too so it's nice to see other writers blog. i'm getting my MFA in creative writing fiction. i write short stories and i always so they're not about anything either, really. would love to red your stuff. i'm shy about my writing too, and i have to workshop it in class all the time. :)check out my blog and etsy!

  2. Bow ties are cool? Doctor Who reference? *is a geek*

  3. I came across your blog via Bow Ties Are Cool, and your interview there was great! It's so cool that you're a writer! I hope to someday read your book when it's published!!

  4. Meg is how I found you!!! :)

    (and @Maria above - yes, I'm sure it is, Doctor Who is a fave of hers... I bet you'll love her blog :)

  5. Wheeee! :D

    Yes, Nicole is right, totally a Doctor Who ref.

  6. cool style

    your newest follower here!

  7. I found your blog through Meg's post. :D

    Her blog is awesomeee. :D x