Monday, May 23, 2011

music is nice: the honey trees

The Honey Trees - To Be With You (Official Video) from Simon Filip (reblogged from the wayward daughter)

I don't normally post this sort of thing, but I thought that the styling of this video was so incredibly lovely (the song equally so), and I wanted to share. Sometimes people assume that I know about bands and that I'm in tune with the hipster aural fixation, but I'm really terrible about it. I like listening to music, but I'm very particular about matching music to my environment and I guess I'm just never feeling very mellow (which is what the majority of music today seems to be). I've always kind of liked the idea of making music videos (most of the short films I've made in the past were basically just that), which is, in my mind, the film equivalent of poetry. Like I said, lovely.


  1. It is really pretty. I always wish I could go around in perfect simple dresses (which I never seem to have) like that girl and wander through nature. I think my favourite bit was the paper butterfly on the book on the piano stand.

    P.S. the bunting necklace is definitely a DIY job. I just can't figure out where to get the material...

  2. This video always brings a smile to my lips when I watch it.

  3. I love this song. One question: how do I follow you?

  4. The Honey Trees are from my neck of the woods. I love their EP! The video (which was filmed locally) is killer too.