Monday, May 9, 2011

hip hop, hip to the hop to the hip hip hop

In my family, we have many talents. I have a talent for wearing wild outfits (people say) and taking plentiful pictures of myself to post on this here blog. Brother #1 has a talent for getting arrested on mountaintops in West Virginia and the like. And somewhere along the line, Brother #2 discovered a talent for producing hip hop. The three of us couldn't be more different, it seems, but we're all pals, and I am always--literally--willing to help a brother out. So I thought I'd share a few tracks from the Jay-Z "Producer's Album" that my bro is working on, just in case there are any Jay-Z fans (or aspiring hip hop artists who might want someone to produce for them) out there in the fashion blogosphere.


  1. I'll keep him in mind for when I produce my hip hop album!

  2. I love Jay-Z, def. one of my favorites! That's really cool your brother is working with him!

  3. i love me some Mr. Z. i am not really a big hip hop fan but his music is great