Monday, January 3, 2011

new years eve 2010: for night

I had been lusting over this Modcloth dress for ages and I knew that it was destined to be mine for this very occasion. It was on sale, so as soon as Christmas had come and gone (I had put it on my "list" but ended up receiving something MUCH more amazing and entirely unexpected--a new laptop!) it was mine.

(dress: modcloth; hair bow/shoes: kohl's; necklace: uo; tights: gift)

When I first tried the dress on I wasn't 100% ecstatic about the fit, but as the night wore on (esp after an enormous Indian meal) I was glad that it wasn't skin-tight. K and I drove into downtown Portland and took a little stroll around the city before stopping at Tandoor for dinner.

The food was delicious (although the samosas were not the best I've ever had, you can't really go wrong), and the $3 rosé wine was the perfect complement (K had a Kingfisher). We ended up dropping quite a bit of dough, but it's only NYE once a year, right? After dinner we took another stroll to walk off some of the rice (the weather was AMAZING this weekend--almost 60 degrees during the day!) and headed back to the hotel (where we were greeted by chocolate chip cookies, bottled water, and classical music--the staff was incredibly attentive) to drink champagne in excess and watch the ball drop above (you guessed it) the roaring (gas) fireplace.

It was such a lovely, relaxing night in wonderful company, and the next day was a great start to the new year. We slept in, I hung out in the amaaaaaazing shower for far longer than necessary and emerged to find fresh brewed coffee (courtesy of my fellow) and a sweet little note, sipped said coffee in the sun and finally went out to breakfast at the first little diner we saw on the side of the road for some incredible omelets:


We drove down to Braintree for some spontaneous shopping, picked up some great new clothes, and finally headed home (from there things got a little dicey, but it didn't matter because we were having such a great time)!

All in all, a great start to what I hope will be the best year ever!
How did you spend your NYE?


  1. you are so pretty and that food... yummy!

  2. Happy 2011! Sounds like a lovely low key NYE. And very pretty dress too.

  3. indian food, fresh chocolate chip cookies, and omlettes! yum! sounds like a delicious way to ring in the new year!

    Love your dress, its so festive in an art deco way and the tights are the perfect pairing

  4. So fun to bring home a dress that you've had your eyes on! You look lovely and your meals look like they were delicious.

    Happy 2011!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  5. Eee, I'm glad you got the dress you wanted... I'm eyeing something up too, but it unfortunately isn't on sale... I love it with the bow in your hair and the peacock necklace!

    I feel very dumb, and the truth is that I'm very bad at American geography, but how is Portland a day trip from Vermont? Or is this a different Portland?

  6. That sounds like the perfect NYE! I also went for omlettes ;) Ok, so lets talk about this modcloth thing sometime, I've ordered about 4 dresses from there and they have ALL gone back because of size/quality. Its so depressing because all the dresses are so pretty. You look completely gorgeous regardless of being a little unsure of the fit and I LOOOOVE that head bow. Congrats on the laptop! :)

  7. Portland is one of my favorite cities to stroll through. Old Port, the cobble stone streets... love it. It must look so magical in wintertime.

    Your NYE dress is fab. I love how seamlessly the whole ensemble goes together.