Tuesday, January 25, 2011

all in the family

I'm back in the game! This outfit was cobbled together with pieces from the women in my family. This plaid coat/blazer belonged to my grandmother (mom's mom), the skirt belonged to my mother, and these pretty clip-on earrings belonged to my paternal great-aunt. Plus this hat was a Christmas present from my parents, which ties everything together.

(blazer: grandmother's; skirt: mom's; earrings: great aunt's; hat: vintage; chambray shirt: walmart; shoes: seychelles; tights: goodwill)

I wish that I could wear these clip-ons for more than about fourteen minutes, but there is something in the metal that my poor earlobes just won't tolerate--I had to bring a change of earrings to work today. Still, I love them enough to sport for the occasional outing. Did people used to be this sensitive to metals, or have our ears evolved to need special treatment? I notice that all of the earrings at Claire's are now for "sensitive ears," so there must have been some sort of shift.

I spent last night eating leftover chili, drinking champagne, and watching Ally McBeal (I'm obsessed, although when they introduced an entirely new cast of characters for Season 5 I was extremely disappointed [it was bad enough that Robert Downey, Jr. had to leave because he was on drugs], and now I'm only powering through the final season with the hope that Ally will come to her senses and fall in love with John Cage).

That's what I get up to when K has an evening class. :) I kind of judged myself for being unproductive, but it was Monday, so I let it slide.


  1. I love the idea of putting together an outfit from the wardrobes of women in your life. It makes the outfit so special!

  2. I never really got into Ally McBeal, maybe I should. Eating leftovers with champagne is something I'm totally already into ;) I love this outfit, especially the skirt! Stay warm!

  3. I love this outfit! And what a great idea to put an outfit together of pieces from women in your family. Wonderful!

  4. Love the earrings, firstly. And mostly, love how the tails of the jacket just barely stick out below the belt. It looks so feminine.

  5. Great jacket and I love how each piece has a little history to you. Ah Ally McBeal, I remember being quite devastated when Robert Downey Jr left. Ally never could do better

  6. I love all the family items! I always try to get wear out of things that come down through the family; I'm such a hopeless nostalgist! I used to have a pair of tights that colour too, and they were always such fun to wear.

    Not sure what the story with the earrings is. I do know that when I worked in the bead store an enormous number of people claimed to have allergies. I stopped believing most of them; how convenient that you can only wear gold! But I do find that old metal is a bit hard on the ears. Maybe it's starting to undergo a chemical reaction or something...

  7. some clip ons are like that on me, too! certain pairs just are too painful after a while :/

  8. that jacket is so cute!
    I love the plaid fabric ;)