Wednesday, January 5, 2011

llama medicine

"Endurance, service, sacrifice. Hard work, responsibility, stubbornness. Llama people tend to be sociable, giving, and easygoing, but fully capable of standing up for themselves if crossed. Llama medicine can teach us to relax and trust in our own abilities to maneuver even the most difficult paths in life."

(sweater: bargain boutique; hat: h&m; jeans: pacsun; lace top: savers; chambray shirt: walmart; boots: seychelles)

In 2011, I resolve to be like a llama. The above description of the lovable beast of burden could easily be referencing my own personality, but it would seem that I could use a good dose of llama medicine: relax and trust in your own abilities!

I am the Mistress of Excuses. When I consider just taking a graduate class, I waffle about it because I'm too indecisive to choose just one thing I want to study. When I complain that I never get any exercise, I blame the fact that I can't afford to pay for a gym membership. When someone tells me that I should be on American Idol, I laugh it off and say that I don't want to corrupt my genuine love of music. When I decide to set aside some time every evening to work on my novel, I find myself lamenting the fact that staring at a screen all day leaves me dried up and uninspired. I always need more time, more resources, more money, more creative energy, more, more, more, more, more. While all of these excuses are completely valid, they stagnate me... so here's to llama medicine!

Also, this sweater is awesome and it was two dollars.
That is all.


  1. love your "warm" cardigan!!! :))

  2. I love the llamas on that cardigan

    and I do the exact same thing as you, make up silly excuses for why I don't pursue my goals:

    "I can't write a short story because...nothing has ever happened to me that would warrant an interesting plot...I'll never be as good as my favorite authors...writing isn't a feasible career option anyway."

    "I can't get that internship because of my frivolous English literature degree that relates to nothing economically feasible in the future. Why would they hire someone who only knows how to overanalyze books?"

    Evidently both you and I recognize this problem, but it can be difficult to remedy it anyway. I think the key is finding a small gateway to get involved in something. Like when I was lamenting how I loathed all exercise my dad recommended I take a random racquetball class. I knew nothing about the sport and I have absolutely NO handeye coordination skills, but I took his challenge and ended up playing for my entire sophomore year.

  3. beautiful, just beautiful! the hat, the llama cardi and the socks pulled up to keep your poor legs warm :D I hope you'll get to live up to your new year's resolutions :)

  4. Yay, I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I just found a new blog to follow! Your style is amazing! I adore this lhama sweater. I have been looking for something similar except I had reindeers in mind:)

  5. Llama medicine sounds like something I need too, especially with regards to my course this year. Pfff.
    (Re: the novel. Weekends! Early mornings! NaNoWriMo! I know you can do it, because I also waffled for years but once you start you'll get into it and love it)!

    Also, this is one of my favourite recent looks of yours. I've been wanting an awesome South American sweater, most random but awesome with the Russian hat, and wooly socks. Absolutely love it!

  6. a) awesome sweater.

    b) i am the master of making excuses, and my extreme laziness/procrastination doesn't help, either.


    And the print of your cardigan is priceless. It looks so cozy too and especially with your hat there is no getting cold here:)

  8. I love the llama sweater! My friends have always said that I look like a llama; instead of taking offense to it I decided to embrace it. Your post has helped to reinforce my view of llamas.

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  10. I am a big, fat, excuse-maker. And a good dose of llama medicine seems to be just what I need, too.

    So, this must be the week for lovable & cozy animal sweaters! I can't get over how awesome yours is.

    The antique center in Bennington I mentioned is located in The Shops at Camelot Village. There's even a vintage shop tucked in there, too!

    Oh, and I'm pretty lax about my maple syrup. As long as it's the real deal I'm a happy girl. And ours here in New York is pretty darn good ;)

  11. YES, llama medicine! I'm oddly obsessed with llamas. I find them endearing and wonderful, so I'm particularly smitten with this post, this outfit, and the sentiments that go with it.

    Here's to llama medicine!