Monday, January 3, 2011

new years eve 2010: for day

On the final day of 2010, K and I took a little trip :)

I wore a vintage mink hat (which I found hanging from my stocking on Christmas morning!) and my new blue swing coat. I felt very classy.

(coat: Sears; hat: vintage; scarf: Plato's Closet; leather gloves: Isotoner; shoes: Payless; tights: Vera Wang for Kohl's)

Our only plans for the 'Eve involved Indian food and bubbly by the fireplace, so we slept in as late as we wanted and hit the road around noontime. This was our first day trip in such a long time, and I was super excited!

Along the way, we stopped briefly at Kohl's so that I could find a pair of shoes to wear with my new dress. I decided on these royal blue beauties, and onward we went!

We arrived at our hotel, Inn by the Sea, just as the sun was setting over the water--a beautiful start to an equally lovely evening. We were greeted by an incredible view of the ocean (above), and s'mores on a stick (marshmallows dipped in chocolate and graham cracker):

We relaxed by the fireside in our luxurious hotel room...

...then got gussied up for some spicy food in downtown Portland!



  1. that coat is amazing on you! what a lovely color and its so flatteringly cut

    the hotel looks adorable, can't wait to see more

  2. Oh I'm loving the mink hat! How amazing is that for a stocking filler!?!?! Jealous! :)

  3. That coat is just lovely! I really like how it's short in the front and swooshy in the back. And I'm liking the look of this trip... looking forward to the next installment!

  4. smores on a stick?! sounds delish!!! all seems so relaxing...cant wait for the next installment! :)

  5. you look very swanky, love that coat

  6. Oh wow, what a great outfit! I love your jacket and hat. You look stunning! :)

  7. WoW the silhouette of your coat and hat is so incredibly classic.
    You are a beauty.
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  8. beautiful coat! the cut and the color are to die for. you must want to wear it everyday! totally fabulous.

  9. Classy outfit, luv those blue shoes and that hotel, oh my how beautiful!!!