Monday, January 17, 2011

lost and found

It's Monday, which means I am wearing a cozy sweater and jeans. I feel like I have to transition into taking outfit photos in the snow each week, and nothing eases the transition like a big wool sweater and a fluffy hat.

(sweater: bargain boutique; jeans: pacsun; hat: h&m; boots: seychelles)

So, I didn't want to tell you guys, but I lost this hat last week. I scoured the apartment looking for it and was devastated by the loss, especially since the nearest H&M is about three hours away. Lucky for me, my friend S was taking a trip to Boston this weekend for a birthday party and told me that she would try to find a replacement. The next day the hat turned up in the laundry and our reunion was bittersweet--after all, what am I going to do with two fabulous furry hats? I guess it can't hurt to have a backup, especially considering my rather embarrassing track record when it comes to keeping outerwear for more than a single season. (I was once walking to class, eating a banana and holding my favorite penguin-printed hat in the other hand--I threw the banana peel away, then realized when I got to class that I was still holding said peel and my hat had gone missing. Yes, I threw it in the trash. That is the sort of space cadet I can be sometimes.)

This weekend K and I spent a lovely, relaxing weekend in the woods at the Logtown Inn (my parents' house). We had a delicious dinner of ciabatta and olive oil, tortellini with vodka sauce, and no wine because I drank far too much of the stuff the previous night when S came over and we psychoanalyzed each other (and K) until the early morning hours. We rented a couple of pay-per-view movies (sorry M&D, the redbox was broken--as usual, it seems--and we were desperate!) and played with my smelly old dog. Truth be told, I only took him for a short "walk" as darkness fell on Sunday afternoon, but I think it counts. And the January thaw is officially over here in Vermont--today was seriously frigid!


  1. I love the braid with your beloved hat, the boots and the sweater! It all goes so perfectly together, I am in love with the comfort and warmth the outfit evokes.

  2. You look great in this outfit! This hat is super cute. And now if you lose one again, you'll have a back up. The story about your hat and the banana peel is quite unfortunate! I could imagine myself doing that too though.

    <3 Ashley

  3. I can identify with your hat story. In fact, I once threw my passport away in exactly the same manner. Now that was a nuisance! And truth be told, I don't think a duplicate hat is any bad thing.

    P.S. My boyfriend is the music lover of my household too. I find the trickle-down effect brings me all the new music I need. ; )

  4. your sweater is awesome, cute and cozy

    I laughed out loud at your banana/hat story even though it sounds awful. Poor hat.

  5. you look great! love the sweater and hat on you

  6. im actually a big fan of having back ups for favorite items!

  7. i want that sweater!

  8. Gorgeous sweater :) and a cool hat too. Glad I am not the only space cadet :) Daydream at your own risk (or your hat's I guess).

  9. I love your casual, ease-back-into-the-week look! And it sounds like you had a positively lovely weekend. :)