Saturday, January 22, 2011

sandwich style: sweet potato, roasted red pepper, carmelized onion

One of my very favorite things in the world to eat is a panini. I first discovered this artfully amazing form of sandwich when I was a depressed college freshman (it was a rough year for me...). I refused to brave the dining hall, so I tried to find other ways to find nourishment. This usually meant making EasyMac in the microfridge or holding out for "Late Night" quesadillas or fruit smoothies (or both). One day, I decided to visit Angora Cafe, a fabulous panini-and-frozen-yogurt shop across the street from my dorm complex (I still always crave it whenever I'm in Boston). My life changed that day. I officially became a paninilover. I lovelovelove my special goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette sandwich and could eat it every single day, but it reminds me too much of sunny summertime and I wanted to try something a little more seasonal (and my chili addiction needed a serious intervention). Last winter I made crostini with goat cheese, sweet potato, and roasted red peppers and it was amaaaazing, so I thought I would try to recreate it in panini form. Whew! Long story short (a bit too late), this is what I did:

Place two sweet potatoes (yams) on a baking sheet, poke each with a fork, and cook ~1 hr at 415 degrees (F).

Chop onion and red peppers.

Wait ~30 min, then sauté onions in olive oil.

Shortly thereafter, add red peppers and sauté until soft.

Spread goat cheese on both slices of bread.

When vegetables and yams are soft, remove from heat. Cut yams in half, then lengthwise in quarters.

Put yams on one slice of bread.

Pile red peppers and onions on top and grill (George Foreman!) until bread is nicely toasted.



  1. This looks and sounds like the most delicious panini ever! You really have a knack for coming up with yummy recipes :)

  2. Oh my goodness. A sweet potato panini! I just about died when I read this.

  3. YUM! my dad gave me a panini maker a few years ago -i LOVE it!!!! never thought to add sweet potato, though. i'll def be stealing this from you ;)

  4. I want this SO BAD now. ARGH! Panini!!

  5. Mmmmm, this is epic! One of my favourite sandwiches ever is a chickpea salad sandwich which I found on Smitten Kitchen. It's not a panini, but I expect it could be, and it is warm! This actually reminded me of it. mmmmmmmmmm

  6. Thank you for posting this! I love to eat sandwiches but I don't eat meat for lunch, so it's great to find meatless sandwich recipes! This sounds like something one wouldn't expect to taste good... but is actually the best thing since sliced bread...