Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baby, it's cold outside

Holy. It was so incredibly frigid when I took these photos, these are literally the only shots I got of my outfit before I sought refuge in my car in an attempt to save my fingers from certain frostbite.

(dress: goodwill; blouse: plato's closet; tights: hue; shoes: seychelles; hat: vintage; belt: bargain boutique)

I realize the color scheme here is incredibly similar to Friday's outfit. I suppose that burgundy and grey are the new black?

Maybe it's the New Year, but I've been incredibly productive in the past couple of days--and it feels great! I made another batch of chili (I'm obsessed, seriously) for the week, baked a loaf of apricot bread (recipe to come), and I'm working on a writing project which requires in-depth research of silent film stars (so far, Clara Bow and Marion Davies--but that is as much as I can reveal!

How about you? Broken any resolutions yet? ;)


  1. gorgeous!!!! i know. i'm actually scared to go out and take outfit shots today. it's gonna be tooooooooooo cold!!!!

  2. Lovely dress and shoes. Outfits post are gorge in the snow :)
    I'm a new follower, great blog!

  3. By being here I'm breaking one, but never mind. It beats working on my essay. Apart from the ridiculous eyebrows, I love the early film era for sheer beauty. ; )

  4. it does look so cold!!! cute outfit though, I like the pop of color in the scarf :)

  5. Oh man, silent films are so cool, and weird.

    Anyway, I love the outfit. If burgundy and gray are the new black, I may yet become a goth. Did that make sense?