Thursday, March 3, 2011

the beauty of my necklace


I am in love with this outfit for a couple of reasons. The main reason: my necklace is awesome. Love it.









(necklace:; blouse: tjmaxx; skirt/belt: bargain boutique; socks: uo; shoes: seychelles)

A couple of other reasons why this outfit makes me happy? I think this may be one of my favorite skirts. Can you believe it once looked like something that Nicki would wear on "Big Love" (aka ankle length, frump-o-rama)? It's so perfectly poofy, I just want to flounce around in it. I knew I wanted to wear this necklace with a simple white blouse so that it could have all the glory, so I pulled this peasant blouse out of hibernation and I really love it! I'm full of love today. The necklace is just so adorably indie-pop, with its little fabric flags and pretty, precious heart, that I wanted the rest of my outfit to reflect the playfulness implied.

On to another topic: I was roundaboutly rerouted to Kate's beauty/body image/womanhood blog Eat the Damn Cake last night, and I spent the better part of an hour going through the archives. She writes about things that we can all relate to in a charming, witty way, and I definitely recommend stopping by if you have a bit of time on your hands. I started thinking about the ways in which we woman meticulously shape our physical appearance, and whether this is good/bad or really just kind of whatever. There are some things that I absolutely must do every day, but I do neglect other forms of upkeep that other women might consider unnegotiably necessary.

I must put on a little bit of makeup whenever I leave the apartment, even if it is just undereye concealer (absolutely always).
I must manage unwanted hair by way of tweezing, bleaching or shaving (as necessary).
I must brush my teeth twice a day.
I must go to the gym and run like a hampster as often as I can stand.
I must eat according to the number of calories burned at the gym (or not).

And yet:

I hardly ever brush my hair, and I certainly never straighten or curl it.
I bite my fingernails down to the nub and don't much care if it's unattractive.
I do not shower every day. There, I said it. It's not like I exert myself.
I never iron my clothes (because I don't have an iron, but I doubt I would even if I had one).
I wear articles of clothing multiple times between laundering (exception: underwear).
I will eat cake whenever it is presented to me.

TMI? I find this whole quasi-universal beauty regimen fairly fascinating. Sure, there are some people who don't wear makeup, who don't go to the gym, who don't shave their legs, and I say good for them. What does it matter? Why should it be anti-feminist to wear makeup? Why should it be chalked up to insecurity? What's the difference (really) between wearing makeup and wearing clothes? We all choose to dress in ways that are flattering and make a certain impression and we certainly wouldn't leave the house without clothes, so why is it strange that many of us wouldn't leave the house without makeup?

Just a thought that's been thought many times before. Still, it's on my mind this morning. What about you? What would be on your must-upkeep list? When does your dedication to prettiness and hygiene slide slightly?


  1. I love this outfit. You look like a modern day Dorothy!
    And in answer to your question, I believe we're all suckers for a regimen of sorts. Otherwise we wouldn't be so vain as to blog out daily appearances... tweeze, bleach, make-up, straighten.. we're all slaves to the upkeep, but I think we enjoy the pampering on a certain level as well... when do i let it slide? Hardly ever, but sometimes the stresses of every day life do get in the way!

  2. I was thinking Dorothy too! It's the pigtails and light blue together! I love the socks too!

    Hmm, I always wear mascara (red eyelashes make me look tiiiired.) I would never go out of the house (even if it's just to the mail box or grocery store) in pajama or yoga pants, I always need a "real" outfit. I bite my nails too, I've stopped for a few months a few times, but I always start again without realizing it. I've never worn foundation or powder. I totally only shower 3-4 times a week (because I work out 3-4 times a week.) And as Mitch Hedberg would say, "This shirt is dry clean only. Which means it's dirty."

  3. Looking great :)

    I don't go to the gym, those places freak me out a bit :)

    My hair is only shampooed once every 6 to 10 weeks at the hair dressers. Inbetween I rinse it daily and use conditioner every once in a while. It 's not uncommon and really improved the condition of my hair but I still feel like a dirty person telling so I keep it semi secret :)

    I polish my shoes regularly but I rarely iron any of my clothes (yay for drying on hangers!)
    I brushed my teeth every morning without fail but the evening brushing is optional on lazy days.
    I don't like leaving the house without my eyebrows done up because my face looks like a moon without it (to me anyway) and not without blusher because I get bored with concerned queries regarding my health.
    I obsessively count calories but live mainly from sweets. :)

  4. I loved that necklace when you first said you were going to buy it, and I love it now! Also the skirt, which looks like it belongs in my most recent (actually only) inspiration post.

    I have a shower every second day,and now that I've discovered dry shampoo it might get even less frequent. I think that currently in North America there's an obsession with cleanliness, which apart from actually not being good for your skin/hair, is environmentally unsustainable. And I'm lazy. ; )
    And I also wear my clothes multiple times, and depending on what something is and how difficult it is to clean (skirts, velvet) they might never get washed. And I'm sooo unapologetic about that.

  5. I totally do not shower every day. Or wash my face, ever, since I never wear make up anymore. It's honestly done wonders for my skin.
    I wear clothes multiple times, though not necessarily in a row.
    The couple things I absolutely must do, though: maintain my crazy nordic man eyebrows and wear actual clothes when leaving the house, even if it's just to go down and get the mail!

  6. I never wear make-up, rarely brush my hair, don't iron my clothes, wear clothes multiple times between washing (except underwear because I'm not disgusting)... basically I'm a slob. But! I also can't bear to have anything on my face. Eww! Like when people have food on their face! Ick! And I have to smell good and I have a very Victorian mentality when it comes to what I'm comfortable with wearing outside the house: I will never wear sweatpants in public and I MUST be wearing at least earrings, 1 or 2 rings, at least 2 necklaces and at least 2 bracelets. I know... I'm a freak.

  7. Haha I definitely thought Dorothy when I saw these photos. The skirt is really pretty though, I love your necklace too.
    I also don't shower everyday, don't brush my hair everyday, must be wearing at least concealer and some mascara when I leave the house (even if it's just to go get coffee), must excercise often or else I go batty

  8. I love this post.

    I ALWAYS: wear make-up when I leave the house. Never wear pajamas anywhere but my apartment and even that is rare (I hate seeing people in the grocery store in their PJs. HATE). Wear my clothes multiple times before washing (gotta pay to use the machines). Consider my caloric intake and monitor portions... most of the time. I will always accept potato chips and onion dip or french fries and mayonnaise. Always.

    However, I sometimes paint my toenails, but never my fingernails because I will eat that shit off. I only shave my pits for special occasions and my legs more frequently. I never brush my hair, but almost always straighten the cow-lick that my bangs threaten to become after showering. I definitely don't shower every day. OH. I often forget the deodorant... But I say, BO is pheromones, right?? Primal attraction!

    Individualized beauty regimens. I pick and chose what I will and won't conform to as far as western standards of beauty are concerned. For example, I'm OK with being a pasty white girl and refuse to subject myself to tanning beds and sun burns and skin cancers. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to put on mascara and blush every day.

  9. This is such an interesting issue. I was just talking with my mom about it on the phone the other day. She has never worn makeup in her life, and I kind of felt like I was betraying her in some odd way when I started wearing mascara. But even now, makeup is the last thing I'll prioritize. For the most part, I fit the description of the woman who doesn't shave or wear makeup or think about beauty routines. I don't exfoliate, or use lotion, and I don't think I would even know how to apply concealer or foundation. But I don't ever think that anyone who does those things is doing anything remotely wrong. It's just my way of being me, and their way of being them.

    In fact, I have very few things that fall into the "always" category. Most things are sometimes things for me. I sometimes paint my nails, I sometimes forget to wear deodorant, I sometimes (read: rarely) exercise, I sometimes take a shower, I sometimes do laundry, and I sometimes actually "do" my hair and makeup. And I will eat as much junk food as is humanely possible. Every. Time.

    p.s. I LOOOOOOVE that necklace!