Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy new year 2010

I have been alive for one quarter of a century.

(tunic/socks: TJMaxx; skirt: vintage; shoes: Seychelles)

25 (Goals) for my 25(th Year)

1. Finish a first draft of my novel.
2. Try a new recipe every month (at least).
3. Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare.
4. Design and sew a dress.
5. Take a graduate class.
6. Join a gym.
7. Get a new (fancy) camera.
8. Audition for a musical.
9. Make a rag rug.
10. Find my "scent" (Kate Spade Twirl?).
11. Get a haircut (finally).
12. Visit the Newport Mansions.
13. Eat leafy greens.
14. Paint some canvas for the apartment.
15. Stop biting my damn fingernails.
16. Get a keyboard and teach myself to play.
17. Travel somewhere I've never been.
18. Drink 1L of H2O every day (at least)!
19. Make a short film.
20. Sleep more.
21. Stretch more.
22. Get a massage.
23. Go snowboarding.
24. Sip champagne in a hot tub somewhere.
25. Smile!

I've been milking my birthday week for all it's worth--last night I went out for Margarita Night at Julio's with a bunch of my ladyfriends, tonight my wonderful boyfriend is wining and dining me with a delicious home-cooked meal, and tomorrow night we're having dinner with my family to finish off the festivities! I'm such a lucky (and certainly not hungry) girl :)

(Here's what I was up to last year...)


  1. You don't look a day over 24!

    I finished my first novel when I was 25 (right on the cusp though); ) Oh, and I'm just recently 27, in case you start thinking I'm ancient or something. Glad you're having a good birthday week!

  2. Yay for your birthday! I love the idea of making a list like this, especially since my birthday is soon as well!
    I love your polka dot socks and your ruffled plaid shirt, so cute :)

  3. Great outfit! And that blouse: beautiful!!

  4. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    those seem like really good goals!
    I should make some (for new years, my bday isnt for another 7 months)
    those shoes kill me. every. time.

  5. I love your list! And this is just about the best birthday outfit ever! I love it!