Wednesday, October 20, 2010

red versus blue

These are my new shoes!! They aren't exactly what I was looking for, but they will do for now :) I like that they are simple and that the low heel is kind of a compromise between flats and my usual 3-inch minimum. Plus they were $20 (Payless), which is super cheap. I'm not thrilled with the way this outfit turned out, however. No matter how much I love this polkadot shirt, it really is just too large and ends up making me look kind of boxy. Oh well, now I know! I can still wear it under blazers and perhaps under a jumper of some sort!

(blouse: Bargain Boutique; skirt: Goodwill; tights: TJMaxx; shoes: Payless)

Last night K and I watched the 2010 VT Gubernatorial Debate between Peter Shumlin and Brian Dubie. Although I'm definitely not one to push a political agenda (and don't really consider myself to be very interested or involved in what I consider to be a complete circus), I think my political leanings have been made quite clear on this blog. I just can't resist comment: regardless of my views, I cannot respect the fact that Mr. Dubie hardly answered a single question that the moderators posed to him, and generally just bumbled about like a trapped animal. The resemblance to GW was uncanny--right down to the "let's change the subject back to something that was in my flashcards" smirk on his face. Sure, maybe Mr. Shumlin is a bit of a "slick politician," but he absolutely knows what he is doing and has the ability to make things happen for the state of Vermont (when asked what his opponent's best qualities were, Mr. Dubie admitted that, indeed, Mr. Shumlin was known for accomplishing his goals--just not the things Mr. Dubie wanted him to accomplish!) It's hard for me to trust the ability of a man to govern this state when he can't get to the end of a sentence without a struggle, doesn't even mention the possibility of creating jobs in Vermont by developing new energy programs (when practically prompted to do so), and blatantly lies in his campaign advertisements (or takes a grain of truth and dramatizes it beyond recognition--when Mr. Shumlin clearly delineated the truth from Mr. Dubie's fictionalized version, Dubie had nothing to say in response except that Mr. Shumlin was just as guilty of lying in his ads because he "distorted the shape of my nose!"). And how can a man who is so proud of his service on the schoolboard honestly believe that the amount of money each town is allowed to spend on their school budget should be dictated by the state? It was just laughable.

Short story on the subject: I was out to dinner with my family one night and my mother (one of the notorious "Wild Woodbury Women," was brainstorming how to add a political endorsement to the exhibit of decorated bras (to raise awareness for breast cancer) that she and her friends had put together, she suggested that perhaps she should decorate a bra with "Support Peter Shumlin" (or something along those lines--get it?), and one of the other wise guys at the table suggested that they also include an antithetical bra with the words "Dubie is a Boobie" across the front. Guffaws all around.


  1. I love the color combo with this outfit, the red skirt is striking

  2. Maybe you could take in the blouse? Says the girl with negative sewing know-how. Not being American, I have no clue who those people are, but I do have to support the originality of Dubie is a Boobie. Genius!

  3. LOL at Dubie is a boobie.
    I love the colors in this outfit, and those shoes are perfect! :)

  4. I'm not an American, but I do follow us Politics and reading your thoughts was fun! I'm excited to see how things will turn out for the midterm elections. I hope the Republicans don't win congress!

  5. I don't think the blouse looks blocky on you at all, I love this outfit, and the shoes are a great find. I personally stay away from politics at this time of year, it's so overwhelming. But I do love getting flyers for the competing candidates in the mail and reading them side by side, haha it's so ridiculous. I did listen to the NY candidates a bit, mainly for the "Rent is 2 Damn High Party" That was a pretty awesome speech.

    Sparrow & Urchin