Monday, October 4, 2010

an entomological education

Oh Monday, you always come too soon. The beginning of the workweek rudely interrupted a weekend spent lounging around, puzzling, reading, strolling, drinking hot cider and sleeping (a lot of sleeping). I have fully fallen into fall and have happily embraced my bulky wool socks and cozy, contrasting layers once again.

(jumper: Bargain Boutique; plaid tunic: Marshall's; belt: Goodwill; socks: from mom; booties: Seychelles)

K and I saw a woolly bear caterpillar while strolling through town yesterday (see above). I love them! They're so soft and cuddly :) When I was a kid I always just assumed that woolly bears would turn into monarch butterflies--I'm not sure why, maybe because of the orange/black coloring? Anyway, turns out I was way off. In the spring, after spending the long winter months in a cozy cocoon, the woolly bear will emerge as an Isabella Tiger Moth! So there--fun fact for the day :) I did also see a perfect, beautiful monarch butterfly this weekend--so lovely! On an unrelated note, here is my finished puzzle:

Told you I was a puzzle geek. This only took me three days!


  1. I love this outfit. You have the best autumn looks! Especially digging the mixing of textures/prints you've got going here, lovely.

  2. Puzzles! I love doing 3-d puzzles, haha!

    I love everything about this outfit, looks like you need some hot cidar in your hands. Love love <3

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. I like the outfit:x...cute, chic, girlish:)...great job

    xoxo sere

  4. Well done on the puzzle. And you definitely suit autumn dressing. I don't at all. Probably because I only own one jacket. Pfff.

  5. You look so lovely! Your coat is perfect :)
    And congratulations on your finished puzzle! I've always wanted to put together a puzzle with a lot of pieces, but I'm too worried I'll never finish!

  6. This is such a perfect outfit!! You pull off the socks and boots of so stunningly!


  7. Dang! I'm so impressed with the puzzle! It takes me forever to do them.

    And I love this outfit. The chunky socks are the perfect touch!