Friday, October 22, 2010

up and autumn

Yay, Friday! Despite the early morning snowfall (which I am in no way prepared for), I'm feeling a lot of love for Vermont today. I'm not sure why--maybe it's just my new outlook on life in general, but I have it pretty good here in my home state. As I mentioned yesterday, I do tend to wallow in my dissatisfaction, and the only way I've found to change my circumstances in the past is to completely overhaul my life. This generally includes cross-country (or cross-continental) relocation and a fresh new job. That isn't practical this time, and because I always seem to end up in the same spot (no matter where I go), I need to focus on infusing my little life with some serious creativity--be it sewing, singing, painting, or finishing my neglected novel.

I have a few ideas in mind, so stay tuned :) A year later, it's time to follow through on making life waking life!

(velvet blazer: 3 of Cups; tee: Old Navy; scarf: Bargain Boutique; skirt: vintage; boots: Seychelles)

I bought this velvet blazer way back in the Good Old Summertime when my mom and I took a trip to Bethlehem, NH en route to the outlets in Conway. I've been wanting to go back to that quaint little town ever since. Anyway, when I purchased this blue beauty it was hardly seasonal, so it sat in the coat closet with my other cold-weather wear--until now! I absolutely adore this coat--the perfect fit, the rich, dark velvet, the cheeky gold buttons. Love. I've been dying to go antiquing for months now, but my wallet just wasn't having it (and still isn't). I miss the musty smell of dusty old shops and the thrill of a one-of-a-kind find!


  1. Snow? Oh geez, its only a matter of time until it hits NH! I adore that blazer on you!

  2. Nice velvet blazer! And love how you styled it with the scarf, you have the best scarves

  3. Another really spectacular outfit, Caitlin! Especially the wonderful velvet jacket. My sister scored an antique velvet coat one time, but sadly it's just too delicate to wear..

    I've been a bit confused about you actually... I know you live in Vermont, but for some reason when I first found your blog months ago I thought you were in Montreal? Were you at some point or is that my imagination?

  4. This outfit is gorgeous, I love that blazer. You look so neat.

  5. love the skirt and scarf:X:X very cute the outfit:X

    xoxo sere

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