Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm on the hunt i'm after you: mary janes

I've made it quite clear that I am kindofobsessed with the Dear Creatures fall collection, and would quite possibly trade my soul to turn the Lookbook into my Lookcloset. Anyway, it was here that my quest for the perfect tstrap mary jane began... with a few modifications: +heel, -patent. I'm too short for flats, and although the patent is a very classic look, it doesn't work with everything and is really only "classic" in the sense that eight year old girls wear patent mary janes on their way to church. So I think I might prefer matte black leather. Problem is, I've searched high and low and the shoe that I envision does not appear to exist!! What's up with that? This is why people become designers...

Miu Miu Suede Mary Janes, $595

Dancy by Gabriella Rocha, $75

Calla by Max Studio, $78

Nine West Teen Mary Jane, $79

Riza by MIA, $62

Kimchi Blue for Urban Outfitters, $68

Bivel T Strap, $168

Shelby by Gabriella Rocha, $60

I think my problem is that none of these shoes look dainty enough. I want the tstrap to be thin and elegant and delicate. The Miu Miu shoes are my favorite (of course), but a tstrap would make them more perfect (though not more in my price range...). I'm still looking! If anyone has any hot tips, drop them my way :)


  1. I love those shoes! They literally go with everything!

    check out my new post :)

  2. My tip would be buy the flats! How can you be too short for flats... that's like being too short for bare feet!
    However, I will say that it's frustratingly difficult to find good basics sometimes. Things like mary janes, a nice black cardigan, a nice cardigan period, a simple breton shirt, even a chambray shirt this is in what was supposedly denim year? Everything's always blinged out with sequins and beads, suede, pearl buttons, you name it.
    And of the shoes you've selected, I really like the MIAs and teh Bivel ones. : )

  3. I love all these mary janes. They are so cute. i wish I could find a great pair.

  4. These at Target (for $32.99!) are really cute if you like the men's ware look:

    I know you like more of a romantic look, but I saw these last night and when I saw your post this PM thought of these instantly.

    I snatched mine up from Kohl's 2 winters ago, but I think they're exactly what you are wanting - 3.75 in, dainty heel; very thin double ankle strap with very thin t-strap in matte black leather with small gold buckles. Wish they were still available! Good luck on your hunt. I also recommend checking out if you don't already use it - lots and lots of great shoe options at all price ranges.