Saturday, October 23, 2010

saturday style icon: brigitte bardot

Despite being one of the sexiest woman of all time, Brigitte Bardot still managed to maintain a level of class that surpasses any sexbomb our generation can produce (*cough*Pamela Anderson*cough*). Her style was (when she decided to dress--the number of nude/seminude photographs of Ms. Bardot on the web almost equal the number in which she is clothed [much like Jane Birkin, I might add]) decidedly understated--lots of black, lots of basics, simple patterns and full-coverage clothing.

Simone de Beauvoir summed up Brigitte Bardot's appeal and named her a "locomotive of women's history" in her 1962 essay "Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita Syndrome" (and because I adore Simone dB, I'll use her words gladly): "In her role of confused female, of homeless little slut, Brigitte Bardot seems to be available to everyone, and yet, paradoxically, she is intimidating....(T)here is something stubborn in her sulky face, in her sturdy body....There is nothing coarse about her. She has a kind of spontaneous dignity..." (source)

Bardot claimed that she was exactly herself onscreen, and her blatant sexuality and vague vapidity does seem to translate into her everyday life--actor/author John Gilmore once said: "I felt a beautiful warmth with Bardot but found it difficult to discuss things in any depth whatsoever." Trop dommage. I suppose sometimes beauty really is just skin deep... or clothes-deep ;)

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  1. I do love Brigitte Bardot, though she doesn't seem to have been the most intelligent person. But what wonderful style (especially that bow-necked blouse).

    How about Julie Christie? Another 1960s stunner with lovely style (at least onscreen).