Tuesday, October 26, 2010

all the leaves are brown

I've got the usual Tuesday Blogger's block. What is it about this day that renders me so speechless?

(coat: TJMaxx; cardigan: Target; dress: Charlotte Russe; scarf: F21; boots: Seychelles)

I adore this jacquard swing coat--I'm starting to realize that I actually have quite a few coats (and none of them are very warm or practical!), but I tend to play favorites. My trench coat has been the topper of choice since I bought it back in August--this is the time to play with all of my funky blazers and other fun frocks!


  1. I hate Tuesdays at the moment; they render me incapable of getting any work done...
    Wonderful coat, and wonderful shade of green on you (the cardigan, I guess I mean)

    P.S. I actually found that trying on the tba dresses, taking the photos and blogging about it kind of removed my need to have them. Not completely of course! But I kind of feel like they were mine for 5 minutes apiece.

  2. I'm always ridiculously inspired after I see your outfits. You have totally mastered the lace-up heels with socks look! This is just such a great outfit, from head to toe. :)