Sunday, October 24, 2010

warm weather wants: coats

You guys, I'm in love.

As I've said before, I generally try to steer clear of Modcloth these days. I can't really afford to spend $60 on a dress, let alone $120-$260 on a coat, and I do pride myself on being thrifty and realizing that there are some things I just don't need. Still, some cosmic tug caused me to click over to the site recently (okay, I thought to myself: my birthday is coming up, maybe I'll buy myself something nice...). Gulp. I want, I want! Covetousness comes but (twice) a year--and now it is here. I literally do not think that I could choose just one of these coats to purchase. If it weren't so expensive, the plaid-and-shearling would probably win, but I'm equally enamored of the top two options: a classic brown zigzag or those adorable bows? Oh my gosh, but the white batwing coat with the fur collar--or the Navajo print--and I've been dying for a fur...



  1. that last coat on the right is fabulous, looks so warm!

  2. I would lovvve the one with the shearling collar, or the navajo print. They are both stunning and I'm kind of astonished that they're from Modcloth!

    I was pretty bad on the weekend, I bought two coats. One was really necessary but the other was simply a case of I knew I'd rue it for years and years if I didn't...