Thursday, October 21, 2010

back in the game

I've been gradually getting my groove back over the past couple of days :) I went for a run after work yesterday, which was actually rather pleasant and not too cold and it felt fabulous to finally move again. I've officially adjusted to K's beardless face and he looks more handsome than ever. I got paid today (enough said), and I'm taking this new thing called "positive thinking" for a little spin--we'll see how it works out for me! I just feel like I go through these periods of intense dissatisfaction with everything in my life, and instead of doing anything about it or attempting to approach the situation from a new angle, I just wallow. And sometimes wallowing can be therapeutic (for me it usually involves lots of chocolate and bad television and woe-is-me), but there is so much more that I could be doing with my life, and I am actively limiting myself for some pretty ridiculous reasons. So I'm going to work on that.

(tunic dress: F21; fur collar: H&M; blouse: Bargain Boutique; socks: Goodwill; shoes: Seychelles)

And, in the spirit of positivity, I'm really excited about this weekend! On Saturday K is whisking me away on a day trip (sort of an early birthday celebration), and on Sunday we will be fulfilling our need for fall festiveness by pumpkin picking and jack-o-lantern carving and hot cider-swilling and maybe some hay-riding (if I can find a farm that is still doing those!). K's been watching the baseball playoffs (he's a SF fan), which forces me to be a little more creative with my time. Sometimes we get in the habit of just vegging out in front of the television all night, which really cramps my style and makes me anxious after a while (and yet I can't tear myself away--especially when Jersey Shore is involved!), and although I actually do enjoy watching baseball, I would be bored out of my gourd if I had to watch it for five straight hours (two games/night). Anyway, that's the update on my life :) Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Great outfit! The socks are adorable. I've been doing my fair share of wallowing myself and it can be fine for awhile, but I agree, its better to snap out of it! Have fun this weekend!

  2. You and your ever cute tights and socks and bursts of yellow!

    Positive thinking is definitely the way forward. Negativity just gives you wrinkles. So even when I'm whining I try to put a pleasant look on my face!

  3. Oh, I loooove this outfit- the tunic, the fur, the socks, the oxfords- really hits it out of the park ( analogy fits I guess). And yeah, it's weird- it's hard to get things going this autumn. Usually I find it such a vibrant productive season. Just keep wearing yellow- it always feels good!!

  4. Your new outlook sounds positively refreshing. I've been trying the same thing for the past few weeks. It's amazing what a little bit of smiling will do for your overall mood.

    Also, I ADORE this outfit. I love how layered and complex it is, in the most chic possible way. :)

  5. I love this outfit. Such a good mix of textures. That fur collar looks super warm. And good for you with the positive mental attitude. I felt a bit blah a few months ago, and things got so much better when I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it. (Although a good bit of chocolate eating is very theraputic)