Friday, October 29, 2010

a full belly, a birthday, and a new dress!

Oh Friday, sweet Friday :) I'm so delighted that the weekend has come at last! K and I are having a low-key Halloweekend with pumpkin carving, pie-baking, scary movie-watching and probably some candy-eating (if I have anything to say about it)! I'm really excited. It's been so nice spending all of this time with K lately--now that cold weather has hit VT, I'm perfectly content to hibernate in our cozy little abode (and maybe start working on some of those goals).

(dress: Secondi; tights: Ralph Lauren; shoes: Payless)

I bought this dress in DC at an upscale consignment shop, Secondi. At $35, this was one of the cheapest items in the store, and I just couldn't let it slip away. At first I was iffy about the big geometric buttons and the shiny belt, but the sweet sixties-style cut and the perfect plaid pattern sold me in the end. I've been looking for a dress in this exact print for I-don't-know-how-long, and now I have it! The fabric is a really soft felt-like material, and it was actually marked as a "sweater" in the store--but you know me! As long as it covers my bum, it's a dress :) I also didn't notice until this morning that the top button (by the collar) was actually completely different, and worn to white in the middle (!) Being the sly trickster that I am, I colored the blank space with my eyeliner pencil, and Voila! Catastrophe averted.

I was actually realllllly not feeling well yesterday (there should be a law against sickness on birthdays), so we decided to skip the movie (I wanted to see You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, even though the reviews are pretty terrible--I'll be loyal to Woody until the day I die!) and enjoy the delicious dinner that K prepared for me. I woke from my relatively rejuvenating nap to the sweet smell of baked butternut squash, drizzled with butter and maple syrup:

As I watched Project Runway and flipped through my November Vogue (it takes forever for this magazine to get to my door--I guess they figure we're about 20 years behind the times anyway out here), K cooked mushrooms and zucchini in garlic and olive oil. He drained some of the juices into a bowl and brought me chunks of chewy local bread to dip in the deliciousness (for a bread hound like me, this is about as close to heaven as it gets...), then tossed the vegetables with vodka sauce over pasta:

Seriously, this man can cook. By the end of the night, I was miraculously feeling 100% better--and now I'm good as new! That's how a wonderful boyfriend and a bellyful of incredible, yummy comfort food turned my birthday all the way around :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I can't wait to see all of your creative costumes!


  1. hey! i think your blog is so charming...the outfits and the dialogue. your 25 things for your 25th is year is really inspiring...i think im going to do that as my 21st birthday is coming up...on november 21st - its my champaign birthday!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL dress! It looks so sweet with the white tights. Oh, and happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! You're only a couple of weeks older than I am. Made me think i need to make some goals! This dress is great, kind of mad men style.

  4. Dinner looks just amazing... and the dress too.

  5. This looks really good and healthy!! I like your blog. You are just a naturally groovy woman. :)