Friday, October 8, 2010

a bicycle built for you

Yayyyyy Friday!!!! I made this bicycle necklace last night, and I'm in love. I bought the pendant about a year ago (when I went to Michael's around Halloween time to buy materials for my ill-fated owl costume, which was never worn) but never sat down and necklace-ified it. Story: Last night I was all set to go home and watch Ugly Betty and do the dishes, but K called me as I was driving home and said that he was going to watch the Braves game with his pal J&co., so I switched up my plans. I got an American Flatbread frozen pizza, drove to the mall to buy a couple of light girlie movies (Bridget Jones' Diary, 27 Dresses, Good Luck Chuck), ended up leaving with a new pair of black Mary Janes (!), which will tide me over until I get a t-strap pair, and curled up in my pajamas with pizza and wine for a quiet night in. Then I got a surprise invite to make jewelry with J's wife M and her ladyfriend, so I went and drank a fancy cocktail (lemon-ginger-infused vodka with maple syrup and pears), made three necklaces, and was totally inspired to get crafty more often. M had an insane collection of jewelry-making materials--beads, feathers, antique chains and pendants, gold leaf... everything you could possibly imagine! She plans to sell some of her jewelry, so be on the lookout if you live around VT!

(tunic/socks: TJMaxx; skirt: Bargain Boutique; feather headband: UO; fur collar: F21; necklace: DIY; bracelet: antique, gift from K; shoes: Seychelles)

I am really excited for this weekend! K and I are going apple picking tomorrow (yay!) and I'm having some lady friends over in the evening, then brunch & a big music event to raise awareness about climate change on Sunday (which my dad and brother have been organizing). Too bad I don't have a long weekend--there is so much to do and so little time!!


  1. I want to steal your necklace it's sooo adorable:X:X:

    xoxo sere

  2. I love the necklace!

    that cocktail sounds delicious

    And your weekend sounds so exciting, as always. I'm envious of your weekends!

  3. That necklace is nothing short of amazing girl! as is your outfit!
    That weekend sounds like the coziest and fun filled weekend fall can offer :)

  4. Excellent! I love it when evenings turn out better than expected! And I love that necklace...

  5. Yay for unexpected plans. Love the necklace, so unusual. Also love that skirt.

  6. i am absolutely in love with this particular outfit!!!! and i adore the way you combined the pieces - perfect!