Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the ballerina project

This morning I was inspired to simplify.

At first I thought my all-black ensemble was indicative of my feelings on my upcoming birthday (mourning the loss of my youth, perhaps?), but dismissed that notion because I've actually quite come to terms with the big 2-5. I then serendipitously stumbled upon the Ballerina Project (via Rockstar Diaries), and was instantly smitten. I have a fondness for the ballet that I can't quite explain--I'm certainly no swanlike ballerina, and I generally gravitate toward dramatic chaos (as opposed to the stiff discipline of the ballet), but it's just so beautiful. Ballet is, to me, the quintessance of graceful femininity and timeless art.

(dress: TJMaxx; shoes: Payless; glasses: F21; bolero: consignment)

Voila! My homage to ballerina-chic :) And now, the real ballerinas:

Lovely, yes?


  1. Love your outfit beautiful pics

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Beautiful outfit (: And those other pictures are great too. Ballerina's are so gracious.

  3. Stunning photos, I love the one of the ballerina on a pipe. Such contrasts. There is a strange allure to ballerinas I agree.

  4. I also have a bit of a fondness for ballet. It's an excuse to listen to classical music and soak up the beauty of it.

  5. That outfit is Simple but great at the same time! I used to want to be a ballerina, but never could get classes due the prices being so high in the city. Doesn't stop me from watching ballet all the time though :)

  6. Such a lovely post. I love the ballerina photos. And wow, the little jacket is pheNOMenal.