Friday, October 1, 2010

polka dance with plaid

Man, is it raining.

(blouse: Bargain Boutique; blazer: Plato's Closet; jeans: PacSun; booties: Seychelles; glasses: F21)

Sometimes my blogging habits make me question my sanity. A person with all her faculties intact does not stand outside in a torrential downpour taking photographs of herself (granted, I did attempt to take shelter under the stairwell, but still managed to be pelted in the face with oversize droplets as they collected overhead & forcefully fell through the cracks). I actually put my hair in a satisfactory bun this morning on the first try (which never happens)... but by the time I got to work I looked like a drowned rat. Like I said, I'm a complete Nutter. Anyway, I really like the plaid-and-polka pairing here--I have been gravitating to anyandall polka patterns lately, and even though this blouse is about three sizes too big I couldn't resist the $2 price tag. I may attempt to shrink it down to size, but I also kind of like the fact that it's a little bit loose. We'll see. Also, I have a weakness for suede elbow pads on blazers. I should be a professor.

The monsoon is supposed to slow to a stop tonight and the weekend is apparently going to be rather nice? We'll see. One fun fact about me that you probably don't know: I totally geek out over puzzles, and can spend hours and hours working on one. I bought one a couple of days ago and will probably spend most of my weekend poring over those little cardboard pieces. Sounds good to me :)


  1. the elbow patches are fantastic!

  2. I love this outfit, its gorgeous!

  3. This outfit is so inspirational, I can't even begin to tell you...OMG, I love it all!!

  4. Heehee. Yeah, we bloggers are not always particularly straight in our judgment, but it's always worth it, and this fabulous outfit is certainly no exception!