Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday style icon: anna karina

In my mind, Anna Karina is the epitome of cool. The Danish actress is perhaps best known for her volatile director-muse relationship with Jean-Luc Godard (and resulting, short-lived marriage), and her appearance in several of his films. Her lesser-known work includes inspiring my bangs and causing me to consider cropping the remainder of my hair into a shorter bob.

(A. Karina w Godard--K, possibly awesome Halloween costume??)


  1. You actually look quite a lot like her! And glad to know your bangs were inspired by her, and not by Zooey Deschanel like every other blogger on the planet. ; )

    I love that picture of her on the shore in the red outfit, though can you imagine the tabloids these days? There would definitely be "baby bump" covers galore.

  2. I agree, you do look lind of like her, especially the one of her in the tartan coat. Great set of pictures.

  3. The epitome of cool. My feelings exactly!