Monday, October 29, 2012

27 by 28


(day-to-night, 10/28/12)

27 (Goals) for my 27(th Year)

1. Have book published
2. Knit a scarf
3. Swim in the Atlantic
4. Swim in the Pacific
5. Go snorkeling
6. See the wild horses at Assateague
7. Sleep under the stars
8. Tour Hearst Castle
9. Ride a trolley in San Francisco
10. Have a Hurricane on Bourbon Street
11. Meet Old Faithful
12. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium
13. Drink from the Fountain of Youth
14. Eat from a taco truck
15. Play the violin
16. Tour Napa Valley
17. Go white-water rafting
18. Host a dinner party
19. Have breakfast at home each morning (not in the car)
20. Participate in a protest for women's reproductive freedom
21. Soak in natural hot springs
22. Read 25 books
23. Do a painting
24. Clean the apartment weekly
25. Have Ethiopian food with Shelley :)
26. Send cards
27. Take one photo a day (at least)


  1. And so it begins. Good luck!

  2. Eee I made it into a goal! Haha. #6 and #8 are long time goals of mine too! I love #26. #27 - quite bold!

  3. Great goals!!! I need to write a list like this for my goals next year. Cleaning weekly is a good goal, i need to start doing that again...instead of bimonthly

  4. I started making one of these about a month before my birthday. Unfortunately I couldn't think of 29, and the ones I did think of were all major life-changers! Working on it though. And we share Goal #1, for sure!