Friday, October 19, 2012

in which raindrops keep falling on my head


Hooray Friday!  Just a simple outfit for a rainy day--I almost didn't post today because the outfit is pretty boring and it was practically pouring when I took these photos.  But here I am!  Last time the girls and I got together for Art Club, my friend Elizabeth pushed some of her old clothes on us, and I scored this gem of a dress.  It is so soft and comfortable, I can tell it will be my go-to on days when I just can't stand constriction.

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(dress: forever 21; scarf/shoes: thrifted; trench: h&m; bag: urban outfitters)

I'm excited for the weekend, and not just for the usual reason (no work = hallelujah).  Tomorrow, mom and I are off to Stowe for a spa day!  And then Sunday I'm getting together with the girls to see my friend Elizabeth's film play at the VTIFF (the very same friend who gave me this dress, in fact)!  Plus, I've been super productive on my novel lately, powering through the revision, fleshing out some sections and slashing others--I think I'm officially over my attachment complex and am willing to let go for the sake of getting the edits over with.

Other than that, not much is happening.  It is almost my birthday (crazy!).  The best thing about that is it means I get to force K to hang out with me instead of studying.  And I get to make my parents take me out to dinner.  Ha!  Double whammy.  Doesn't it seem like this month/year/life is going so fast?


  1. This sounds like a really awesome weekend!! Happy Birthday and enjoy it!
    This is a great look for a rainy day, this dress looks so comfortable and chic with the trench

  2. I just love everything about you.