Tuesday, October 16, 2012

in which i'm with the (head)band


This is one of those outfits that makes me feel really put together.  It's matchy, but mix-y enough to keep things interesting, and the black and tan color palette is my favorite lately.  Plus, leopard print shoes always make me happy.  Also, this dress has officially been retired to tunic status.  I cannot believe I used to wear this this thing without pants (not so long ago)!  Was I shorter then, or just crazy?  (Hint: I haven't grown.)

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(dress: forever 21; jeans: pacsun; trench: h&m; shoes: charlotte russe; scarf: thrifted)

K and I went out for our anniversary on Saturday night, although I must admit that we were both feeling a bit lazy and almost didn't do anything at all!  We ended up driving out of town for cocktails and dinner and then picking up a couple of bottles of champagne to drink at home (while finishing Season 2 of The Walking Dead--eek!).  Sadly, my aunt passed away last week so I had to go down to Massachusetts this weekend for her funeral.  My dad, brothers, uncle and I played/sang "I'll Fly Away" and I sang "Amazing Grace" at the service.  We've been going to far too many funerals in this family lately...

Tonight I intend to get back on track--get groceries, do the dishes, maybe do a workout video, and then work on editing my book.  I've gotten back in the swing and I'm feeling better about slashing unnecessary nonsense from the prose.  To be honest, I just really want to finish this one so I can start working on another project!  There just aren't enough hours in the day... and Alias is so good I just want to watch it all the time!


  1. Hello dear, just found your blog and I really like it so I'm following you now via gfc and also faned you on lookbook
    and if you would like to follow me to it will be a pleasure :)



  2. Aw I'm sorry to hear about the funeral. I hope things start getting back to normal soon.

    My boyfriend and I are going out to do anniversary stuff soon too. I have a feeling we'll end up back at my place being lazy and watching TV after dinner. It's an exciting life.

    Also, you look so cute in your tunic top. I wear tunics as dresses sometimes too, but I've been more conscious about my butt being out haha. It must come with age. I really love your leopard print heels too. Something about leopard shoes makes an outfit 100x better.

  3. Sorry to hear about your aunt. Sending you and your family well wishes.

    I too am shocked that you wore this tunic as a dress. That has scandalous written all over it ;) I think it suits you much better as a tunic.

    PS have you watched the first episode of The Walking Dead season 3? So good!!

  4. Love the mix of patterns! I'm really sorry to hear about your aunt.

  5. Alias! That's one of my very, very all-time favorite shows! I always get so excited when other people are fans!