Thursday, October 4, 2012

in which i follow the cozy code


Another gray, cozy day, and me in a man's sweater.  I found this in the women's section at Goodwill but I'm pretty sure it's meant for a man.  Or for me.  Mostly for me. 

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(sweater: goodwill; shirt: tjmaxx; jeans: pacsun; hat: vintage; gloves: old navy; boots: seychelles)

I'm not feeling very wordy today, apparently. Updates since yesterday: K took some time off from paper writing to watch the Debate with me last night.  I'll just say my mind is not changed (not that I was expecting it to be).  I like when K gets up and leaves the apartment before me because I get to mooch his leftover coffee (maybe I should just tell him to make more every morning... hmm...).  Art Club is tonight and I'm going to try to get a roll of Holga film developed (from like, a year ago) so I have something to share for once (besides wine).  Speaking of alcoholic beverages, Woodchuck is really pleasing me lately with their reserve ciders!  I'm loving the pumpkin (obvs), and the ginger is also really delicious... Vermont wins.

Um, what else? 
That's all, folks!


  1. This is the most perfect cozy sweater!!!! I love the oversized fit, and the colour!

  2. mens sweaters are the best and yours looks super cute on you.