Friday, October 5, 2012

in which i am a ravenclaw


It's Friday!

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(jumper/scarf: thrifted; blouse: gift; shoes: seychelles)

This scarf makes me think of Harry Potter.  Now, I was never a Harry Potter fanatic--fanaticism isn't really my style (I think the closest I came was probably with Hanson in middle school)--but I did enjoy the books and I've seen all of the movies.  Anyway, one of my friends asked me recently which Harry Potter house I would be in, and after investigating on Wikipedia I decided that I would be in Ravenclaw, hands down, without a doubt.  Which is funny, because nobody ever thinks about Ravenclaw, since all of the important Harry Potter characters are in Gryffindor (and are therefore brave, daring, and chilvalrous, none of which describe me in the slightest).  Ravenclaw, on the other hand,  values intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, individuality, and originality.  (My friend thought she was probably Hufflepuff--hard working, loyal, patient, tolerant, and kind--which I agree with.)

Since it's Friday, and these games are fun, which house are you in?


  1. I love the colour of this dress, such a nice dark green! I love this look!

  2. I love that dress and scarf! I can't wait until its cool enough to wear corduroy and scarves again!

  3. I was in Harry Potter club for a week in high school (not near as fun as I thought it would be) and according to the quiz we had to take, I'm exactly equal parts Gryffindor and Ravenclaw:)They told me I had to choose one but I was always secretly a two-house girl;)