Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's blizzarding outside and I overslept, so I thought today might be a good day to tackle the 11 questions circulating through the blogosphere of late. I always love reading these, because I'm incredibly nosy. So here goes.

11 fun(?) facts about me:

1. I am deathly afraid of pigeons. They're always swooping around so stupidly, I feel like it wouldn't be that much of a stretch for them to swoop their beaks stupidly right into my eye. I have been known to duck dramatically while walking down a city street, out of sheer terror.

2. I love to dance. It might be my favorite thing. I'm always the one rallying my friends to the floor whenever there is music playing--though nobody gets up faster than my mom!

3. My friends from childhood and I call ourselves "The Bobs." I'm not really sure how it started, but whenever we refer to the group as a whole, that is the name we use (we're still all as close as sisters!).

4. I use an excessive number of dashes in my writing--and an equally excessive number of exclamation points in casual correspondence! ;)

5. My dad used to direct my brothers and I in elaborate Christmas movies every year, and because we weren't really allowed to watch TV and only had a word processor for a computer--this was the 'nineties, people--I spent most of my youth writing screenplays and directing the neighborhood kids in movies or plays of my own imagining. I guess that is probably why I went on to study film at Boston U.

6. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was a junior in college.

7. I have been a vegetarian since before I can remember (I couldn't have been older than five when I decided). I thought our pig, Hammy, was a pet. Then one day he was breakfast. When my parents explained what had become of him, I said "I'm not eating this," and I never ate meat again (with the exception of hot dogs--I did eat those for several more years before realizing that they were also meat--and I still crave them sometimes).

8. I love bread. I could literally eat an entire loaf in one sitting if garlic and olive oil were involved (and probably have). I also have an insatiable sweet tooth--chocolate, sour patch kids, cheesecake, you name it, I love it.

9. I chipped my bottom two front teeth on the back of my friend's head while sledding down the hill at school when I was in the third grade. They were filled in, but if you look closely you can see where they broke.

10. There were 48 kids in my high school graduating class--and that's from three towns!

11. I am super competitive, especially when it comes to sports and games, even when I'm not very good at them! I talk a lot of smack to wear the enemy down...

And the 11 questions:

1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?
Lately I've been incredibly inspired, and I've decided that there are two things I would love to do with my life (I do not think they are mutually exclusive!). 1) I would love, love, love to design dresses and sell them. And 2) I want to be a published novelist. I've gone back and forth so many times, thinking maybe I should go back to school and become an anthropologist, or a psychologist, or something with a -gist on the end, but I always come back to dress design and writing. Now I just need to figure out a way to make it happen!

2. What’s the one thing you look forward to every day?
I really look forward to those after-work hours, when I can go home to my handsome man, eat a big dinner, and decompress, or write, or work on a project. I look forward to FREEDOM!

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
I definitely don't have a single favorite--I love so many for so many reasons (that's what everyone says, but it's true!), and some days I like one more than another depending on my mood. But lately I've been really inspired by Elsie and A Beautiful Mess. I just love that she's so passionately pursuing her dream, and making it a reality. I think that she is such an inspiration (and I basically want to steal her life)!

4. Biggest online pet peeve?
Most people are saying negativity, but to be honest I haven't encountered much of that in my personal blogging experience (luckily!), so I can't really call it a pet peeve. I definitely agree that fostering a positive environment is paramount, and I never understand why people feel the need to act hatefully toward successful bloggers. Weird behavior, but they're probably the same way in their real lives too... some people are just jerks. Anyway, my biggest online pet peeve is Facebook! Haha! I'm such a ranter on this subject, but basically I think Facebook is destroying the world. And I'll stop there.

5. What is your all-time favorite book?
I think maybe 'Mating,' by Norman Rush. I don't know why, but I really loved it when I read it and I always push it on my friends, so that's probably an indication. Other than that I can't really say--just like blogs, there are some books that have touched me immeasurably at different times in my life, and there are authors that I read religiously and love unconditionally, but they're not always my favorite books. A book becomes a new favorite when it aligns just right with my life at the time. Maybe I should say my all-time favorite book is the novel I just finished writing...

6. What would your “last meal” be?
Indian food, hands down. Spicy curry with rice and cheese naan. And samosas. And then I'd probably have something insanely decadent, like chocolate ganache, for dessert.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. Does anybody? I guess I assume that sometimes it can feel like love at first sight, if the attraction is immediate and progresses easily into love without too much trouble. But no, I don't believe in it.

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
I would get up early and naturally, have an hour or so to myself to drink coffee and do a crossword or read a book, and then K would get up (he's not an early riser--making him get up early would not = a happy Sunday ;) and we would walk down the street to have brunch al fresco on a sunny patio, with mimosas! And then we would stroll around and he would buy me a bunch of clothes. Ha! (It's a fantasy, right?!)

9. Why do you blog?
Honestly I do it to keep myself creatively motivated. I really enjoy putting outfits together and nobody appreciates them around here :) I love having a little goal for every day--something fun to look forward to. And I love the community. Disappearing into my favorite blogs is like a little vacation over my morning coffee :)

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?
Probably red. I once did a color test in an old dEliA*s catalog (yes, that's the 'nineties, again) that said red was the best color for blue-eyed brunettes with fair skin to wear (that's me!), and I think it spoke the truth.

11. What is your all-time favorite band?
Ummmmmmm I'm so bad with music. I can honestly say I don't think I have one.

And 11 questions for you:

1. If you could magically play a musical instrument--but only one--which would it be?
2. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
3. What is one thing you love about yourself?
4. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of? (I liked this one)
5. If you could live somewhere else for one year, and money were no object, where would you choose?
6. Who is your all-time favorite author?
7. What trend are you most excited about for spring?
8. What is your favorite word?
9. What is your most necessary accessory?
10. What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?
11. What is your favorite snack?

Here are the (official) rules:
1. Post these rules.2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

But I'm going to be a bum and just tell all of you to do it and to send me a link so I can read your answers!
Ready, set, go!


  1. What a great idea! Just had a go myself at

  2. Such a great idea, I got tagged in one today and am SO excited to fill it out. It's awesome finding out more about people :)
    So crazy that you couldn't watch tv growing up and your graduating class only had 48 kids. Going without TV is probably why you're so creative though!

  3. oooh I'd love to read some of your novel!! I'm working on a children's novel myself, the same tale-telling skill as Tolkien used in the Hobbit-- he's my number one inspiration! Hope you get published!!

  4. I love your perfect Sunday description and pigeons can be such pests they are pretty scary and quite fat.

  5. Someone I read recommended you yesterday–maybe Katha Strophe?–and the fact that you kept eating hot dogs, not knowing they were meat, is so perfectly awesome. I didn't eat meat for several years but used to get pepperoni on my pizza just to take it off and give it to my friends but still savor the flavor it left behind. Bad vegetarian!