Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's been one year... (+)

Hello, hello! Happy Tuesday, everyone. First order of business: thanks to those of you who left me tidbits of happiness yesterday! I think it's funny that everybody mentioned food! I guess it's that time of year :) In honor of delicious foods that make us happy, here's my happy-eats list:

1. spicy vegetable korma, naan, vegetable samosas
2. cheesy nachos with guacamole and strawberry dacquiris
3. creamy pumpkin lentil soup with ciabatta
4. spicy vegetarian chili with cornbread
5. sweet potato tempura sushi, seaweed salad
7. whole-wheat pizza with pesto, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella
8. zucchini bread (i should make some...)
9. mushroom fettucini alfredo with asparagus
10. homemade mac&cheese with cabot cheddar

(dress: Bargain Boutique; skirt: Goodwill; hat/necklace: UO; shoes: Seychelles)

And another important item on the agenda today--I can't believe I missed the first anniversary of my blog!! My very first post was on Sept 2, 2009, but my very first outfit post wasn't until Sept 23. Anyway, I can't believe I've been blogging for a year now! Yikes! I'm not going to lie, I kind of miss my old blogphoto location. Not only were there no chain-smoking neck-craning cooks cramping my style, but the forest behind our old apartment was a much more aesthetically pleasing backdrop. I'm getting tired of ye olde brick wall. My clothes aren't shown to the best of their ability in such an urban environment--I'm too soft around the edges.


  1. Love this outfit! I can't wait to wear knits.

  2. Love the necklace!


  3. That food all sounds amazing... I wish there were recipes included! I guess fall is the season of comfort food, though I'm still melting down here! Oh, and the dress/blouse is lovely!

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  4. wow congrats.
    Cabot cheese... Mmmm nothing beats it! (atleast nothing within driving distance) I live in Quebec and every year my boyfriend's grandparents give him a huge cabot cheese every year for his birthday. Mmmmm cheeeeese

  5. happy blogiversary

    that mac 'n cheese sounds amazing