Monday, September 13, 2010

full steam ahead

I'm so in love with this little sailor-style dress (which I found for $1 at the Salvation Army) that this is only the second time that I've worn it since I bought it a couple of months ago. It was originally an awkward length and had a pleat down the front, so I hemmed it and undid the pleat for a more me-style skirt (=shorter). I always want to "save" my very favorite pieces for special occasions (the first time I wore this was on a whale watch at the Cape), and then opportunities come and go (or don't come at all) and summertime sailor-inspired dresses are no longer in season! Oh well. I still fully intend to wear this little dress during the latter part of 2010, perhaps with some weather-appropriate tights!

(dress: Salvation Army ($1!); shoes: Seychelles)

I had a really nice weekend, full of thrifting (Saturday) and relaxing (Sunday). I must admit, after reading Nickie's account of FNO in NYC, I don't feel quite so bad about missing the festivities. I'm not well-suited to mobs of excitable people (and anyway, what's the point of attending an event dedicated to fashion if you can't even observe what people are wearing because you're pressed (ass) cheek to (ass) cheek in a small space, praying that nobody will spill their complimentary cocktail on your favorite dress? Her report made the event sound like the Portland Art Hop, which never failed to disappoint my high hopes--by the time I arrived at a gallery the snacks were gone, the free drinks were drunk and (sans vino) I still felt uncomfortable playing at pretension (art galleries terrify me but I want so badly to feel like I could belong there).

Someday I'll be ready to venture outside my comfort zone, but for now I feel pretty good about doing whatever makes me happy and keeps the anxiety level low. I did some writing, read a lot, napped on a rock beside a rushing river while K fished, ate some nachos, watched some Glee (new favorite), bought some new wool skirts and lots of legwear for fall, and just let life wash over me like a refreshing breeze. You should try it some time. Tonight--a book sale (my other guilty pleasure)!


  1. wowee you hair looks amazing.:)
    yes you can always put some pretty wool opaque tights for the winter.

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  2. what a deal. 1$ for that little piece of heaven! i have to say that i absolutely love this dress. and i am pretty sure that nautical dresses are so groovy that they know no seasons. they are an all year staple.

  3. I think you can waer that dress all year round. I like wearing summer dresses with tights. I am also guilty of saving favourite items. So right now I have two lovely dresses which I have yet to find an occasion to wear.

  4. *Gasp* AMAZING!!

    That is pretty much all I have to say... just so in love!