Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rufflin' it

I think I could really learn to love sewing. I'm thinking about maybe taking a class (if I can find an offering here in VT...) so that I can start making my own dresses confidently. I've refined my hemming skills enough that converting a skirt from matron to mini is a snap--I hemmed up two new wool skirts (including this one) last night and it took longer to figure out how to unspool the thread (it was wrapped in a very inexplicably complicated way--that's what you get for spending $1 on 20 spools!) than to actually hem the skirts. I think I'm ready to move on to more complex projects (although the thought of tackling the complicated threading on my sewing machine has kept inspiration at bay...)

I'm still not entirely clear on how this shirt is "meant" to be worn... last time I wore it button-side front, but I actually think that this is the way it was intended to be. It buttons all the way up the back and closes around the neck in a way that really just didn't work in reverse. I think I like it this way better, anyhow.

(blouse: Battery Street Jeans; skirt: Goodwill; shoes: DSW)

If I could just spend my days writing and stitching, I would be a happy gal. Ideas are gently bubbling beneath the surface over here...


  1. They're the cutest ruffles!

    check out my new post on the fashion at the mtv awards

  2. Nido in Burlington is a beautiful little fabric shop that offers sewing classes. They are so nice and have amazing fabrics, but classes fill up quickly. I love your style, blog and location! Thank you!