Friday, September 24, 2010

that seventies dress

I love how spectacularly seventies this dress is... perfect for a crisp fall Friday like today! When K and I go to the laundromat I try to sneak into the Plato's Closet next door to scrounge around for discarded goodies. Usually the laundry finishes before I do, and I've never walked out of there with more than one or two items because it's totally overwhelming. But this little H&M sweaterdress fits like a charm, and I adore the retro pattern/color scheme.

(dress: H&M via Plato's Closet; boots: Aldo; socks: stolen from mom, belt: Bargain Boutique)

Now if only I could get my socks to stay up...


  1. love it, the colors are great and like an alternative fall palette

  2. It is sweet, and I like how you're rocking the boots with socks look. Well, some of the time anyway!

  3. I love your style! So unique- this 70s vibe is awesome!! xx

  4. I love this dress! The colors and style are so perfect for fall :)
    Oh goodness, I wish I had a Plato's Closet nearby. I've only been to one in Virginia, and the nearest one to me is a few hours away. Boo!

  5. i love those boots!! they look so great with that dress and the socks!! i'm following :)!!