Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Maybe I'm just under the influence of Emma Pillsbury, but I've recently been reinspired to infuse some serious color back into my wardrobe. Or perhaps it's merely in anticipation of the glorious Vermont foliage to come (I think the leaf peepers are already trickling in--an enormous tour bus passed down the main street of my little town this weekend). Whatever it may be, it's time to stop hiding behind neutrals and wallowing in a somber color palette. I'm also going to stop hiding behind my apartment building. Here's to the great outdoors!

(dress: etsy via leasvintage; sweater: H&M; tights: Kohl's; socks: TJMaxx; belt: Goodwill; shoes: Seychelles)

I love this dress but it's that pesky length that stumpifies petite people like me (and I can't shorten it because it's all one piece [plus, j'adore the hem detail]). Oh well, I don't think it looks too terribly weird because of the style, so wear it I will (see how I styled it here and here)! I found this belt at Goodwill (it was $2 instead of $1 because it's so awesome--still such a steal!) and I love it. It's the first belt I've ever owned that isn't partially falling apart, and it's really pretty incredible quality (it's Ralph Lauren!). I am so in love with thrifting--it's so satisfying!

I desperately need to get out of town or something. K and I didn't take any road trips this summer, which is an absolute travesty. Where did the time go??


  1. Love these pictures. you always seem to have so many great outtakes! That's awesome. I only get about 3-5 ones that I like each time, ha.

  2. This cardigan compliments taht dress perfectly! And your hair looks soooo pretty!
    Al;so, where the heck was miss pillsbury last night on glee?!?! I missed my fashion fix :(

  3. You look so lovely Caitlin! I very much love the braided hair.
    And the dress is far from terrible! Glad you didn't hem it cause the hemline is indeed beautiful. Great pairing with the cardi and belt!

  4. this is so Ruth Gordon, I love it. Mustard looks great with your hair color

  5. i know eactly what you mean i always feel myself drawn to blacks & greys. the yellow color looks great on you!

    stop by sometime<3

  6. This color and pattern combination is so great!

  7. I love this dress! The floral pattern is so cute, and I love how you paired it with that bright yellow sweater :)
    Also, I can't believe you got that belt for just two dollars. So lucky!

  8. this is like the most perfect outfit in the history of clothing.

  9. I'm always a big fan of colour and especially yellow, so obviously I'm behind this outfit. You look like a Swedish prairie girl, and I mean that 100% as a compliment. Also I really like the colour of your tights (green or brown?) because they anchor the outfit without being too dark!

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  10. Great pictures! Like the first one, your hair is beautiful. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?