Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, everyone! It is another beautiful, warm November day in New England! I hope hope hope it stays beautiful for the weekend... K and I are planning a little much-needed DayTripping and I insist on sunshine.

I got this dress in the mail last week (another etsy purchase) and I knew it would be too long but I like it anyway. I do wish it were made of more lightweight natural materials, but one can't be too picky with legitimate vintage goods.

But enough about that. Have you guys seen The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel? It's awesome! It follows a fleet of Alaskan crab fishermen through their perilous season on the Bering Sea and K has gotten me really into it... these guys are serious badasses! But they can also be whiny and melodramatic, which always makes for interesting television. I've always heard about the dangerous lives of Alaskan fishermen, so it's cool to be able to see firsthand what they mean... and watching them hammer three inches of solid ice off every square inch of the deck before work starts in the morning definitely makes me re-evaluate my own ice-scraping aggravation.

I do occasionally daydream about living on a boat, but probably not a fishing vessel. I think something like this is a little more my style:

(click photos to link to original source)

After perusing the web for houseboat inspiration, I think I may officially have to add "Kerala Houseboat Tour" to my endless list of Things to Do Before I Die. A trip that combines all of my very-favorite-things: exotic lands, Indian food, boats on water, warm weather... yes, please.

Whew, that was quite a thread! Fashion-->Fishing-->Houseboats-->India. Incidentally, I am also a fan of Indian fashion... I guess that brings us full-circle.

(dress: etsy via leasvintage; boots: ALDO; tights: GAP; brass bangles: flea market (made in INDIA); belt: thrifted; headband: tunic belt)