Friday, November 27, 2009

A Very Log Town Thanksgiving

The Flood family homestead is affectionately known as "Log Town Farm," because our house is at the dead end of Log Town Road in Woodbury (I know, you'd think we were lumberjacks or something...).

(This is not the house that I grew up in. It is my mother's garden shed. I helped my father construct it as a youngster and we used it as a playhouse for many, many years).

Although I can't say with any degree of truth that November is the most beautiful month in Vermont, my fabulously talented photographer* managed to make these overgrown gardens look positively romantic (in a broken-down kind of way)...

It's a good thing I didn't use these apples to fill my apple pie:

(dress: TJMaxx; skirt: vintage; tights: Ralph Lauren; boots: ALDO; fur: H&M)

After our photo session, K and I retired indoors for an afternoon of snacks (mmm port wine cheese), wine (+eggnog) and lively conversation before the main event:

(clockwise from 12 pm: vegetarian stuffing; creamed onions; cranberry sauce; parker house rolls (baked by little bro); squash; mashed potatoes)

I don't eat Turkey (of course), but I don't feel the need to replace it with "Tofurkey" or anything silly like that. The side dishes are more than enough to keep me stuffed for the rest of the night (although I did manage to fit two slivers of pie--apple and pumpkin--into my bursting belly before the end of the evening). It was all incredibly delicious and I could do it all over again today if I had the day off (I have to be in the office on Black Friday and I don't even work in retail anymore!)

After dinner/before dessert we played Trivial Pursuit and I loved it (as usual) even though K and I lost pretty horribly to all of my supremely knowledgeable family members (although I still hold fast to the fact that I did win one year...)

Thank you, Thanksgiving. You were a wonderful day :)

*thanks, K!


  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and so much fun! Your outfit is adorable! I love how you wore that dress as a top- it goes perfect with the skirt. So cute!!


  2. adorable skirt,awesome plaid and lovely this amazing style nd such the great outfits.